Sunday, 1 November 2015

Weekly Meal Planner: Filipino Dishes for Lunch

Hi everyone.  I know how difficult it is to think of what dish to cook for the next meal.  That is always my daily problem specially that I am only cooking for two.  It would have been much (for emphasis only) easier if somebody will tell me what to cook for breakfast, lunch, or supper. 

So, I have decided to create our meal plans once in a while.  All the recipes of the dishes I have recommended below can be found in our blog. Here is my simple meal plan for the week. I am starting with lunch meals though.  My usual aim is to serve something that is complete.  Our meals should come with carbohydrates, proteins, and veggies.  Hope you'd like what I made.  Let me know your thoughts please...

Weekly Meal Planner:  Filipino Dishes for Lunch

Sunday Lunch :

 Steamed rice and Porchetta (Porchetta ala Cebu Lechon ) and Sauteed bean sprout . 

Monday Lunch :

Steamed rice and Pesang Tilapia 

 Tuesday Lunch :

Wednesday Lunch:

Thursday Lunch : 

 Steamed rice and Stir Fried Ampalaya and Bistek 

 Friday Lunch :
 Steamed rice and pinakbet

 Saturday Lunch :  

 Steamed rice, boiled pechay, and Fish Afritada

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