Thursday, 12 November 2015

Spicy Beef & Beans Stew

We sometime include ground beef in our grocery list for one reason - for the Husband's Pinoy style spaghettie. Using ground beef makes the sauce for the Huband's Pinoy style spaghetti a lot tastier.  But then again, like anybody with cravings, the Husband would always have something in mind to eat other than the Pinoy style spaghetti.

Spicy beef and beans stew.  This is one of those beef recipes that I usually whip up when I see minced beef just lying inside the freezer for a long time.  It reminds me of the chili con carne of Wendy's  that I used to eat before when I was still eating red meat.

I used to love this kind of minced beef stew with nachos, doritos, or any tortilla chips.  I also used to add lots of grated cheese or spreadable cheese  like cheez whiz. This with a liter of ice cold coke and a nice tv series to watch like the Big Bang theory or criminal minds would make a rest day great. 

If you are not fond of chips, this spicy beef and beans stew is great as a rice topping too.

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Ingredients :
Beef, ground - 500 g
Garbanzos- 1 tall can
Kidney Beans- 1 tall can
Garlic,coarsely chopped- 7 cloves
Onions, coarsely chopped- 1 large
Tomato Paste - 4 tbsp
Cumin Powder - 1/2 tsp or to taste
Parsley, dried and ground
Oregano, dried and ground
Bay Leaves - 2 pcs
Black Pepper Powder
Sweet Red Paprika Powder
Chili Flakes - to taste
Brown Sugar - 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Water - 1 1/2 cup
Vegetable Oil

Cooking Procedure:
1. In a saucepan, heat oil then add the beef. Stir fry until the beef is cooked through and turns brown.  Remove beef from the pan and leave at least 2 tbsp of oil
2. Throw in the chili flakes and garlic then the onion and stir fry for a minute.  
3. Add tomato paste, water, parsley, oregano, bay leaves, black pepper powder, sweet red paprika powder, brown sugar, salt, and cumin powder.  Let it simmer. 
4.  Return the ground meat and simmer for about 20 minutes on low fire. 
5.  Add in the garbanzos and kidney beans and continue to simmer for another 10 minutes or until most of the liquids have evaporated.

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