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Ube Ensaymada

The previous weeks was an all cook, all bake days for me.  As I have always mentioned in my previous posts, reading, cooking, and baking are my way of coping up when I feel sad and when I feel that things are not going as planned.  

A few days back, I just learned a saddening news about a friend of ours who had undergone IVF (in vitro fertilization treatment) The procedure was unsuccessful. It was her first try.  I know the agony of waiting for two weeks from embryo transplant, wishing that things will be ok and when the day comes for the pregnancy test and the result is negative, the news will definitely devastate you. It happened to her.  For a couple who has been trying for so long to have a baby is already frustrating.  It is even more frustrating and depressing if you spend a fortune just to have a child only to be unsuccessful.  Just hearing the news really broke my heart.  I know the frustration of the waiting and the expecting. I know the pain of losing. We were on their shoes a couple of times. I already had two miscarriages and they were all medically assisted pregnancies. We've spent fortunes just to have even just one child.  It is physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially draining.  So please pardon me if I am emotional in some of my posts. I want to have kids.  Alright, I will be the happiest person on earth if we were to be blessed even with just one child. I haven't lost hope yet (I'm crying and smiling as I draft this post)  God will not forsake me. I know He will bless me and the Husband with our own kids and lots of apos (grandchildren)  For couples (heterosexuals or not) and single parents, love your child / children.  You do not know what couples like us are going through just to have a child.

Pause..... (inhale... exhale...) Happy thoughts again (evil grin)

Ube Ensaymada, that's what I made a few weeks back. I ended the month of September trying another bread recipe I formulated myself using a small amount of mashed potato and mixing it using the straight dough method.  Of course I did not add any bread improver nor dough conditioner because there is none available here. For those who are not familiar about what an ensaymada is all about,  here goes... Ensaymada is a very popular sweet bread among Filipinos, in the country and in any country where you find Filipinos.  It is considered the brioche of the Philippines.  Ensaymada is a sweet, soft, and fluffy sweet bread that is often topped with butter, sugar, and cheese. We have several recipes of ensaymada in this blog you can check them out by clicking  myFresha-licious Ensaymada recipes.

Conclusion: I work so slow with breads so next time I need to make half of this recipe (evil grin) Kidding aside, the texture of the bread is ok, the crumbs are not as cottony as I wanted them to be, but they are still fluffy and soft, considering that I used a straight dough method. The bread stayed soft for about 4 days.  The resulting bread offered a chewy texture at first bite and a soft bread crumbs.

We were disappointed big time though.  The brand of ube halaya I used for this ube ensaymada  did not meet our expectations as it did not taste like how an ube halaya would taste like.  By the by, I made this twice already because I am trying to get rid of the ube halaya.  Now, if you can tell me how else to make use of the ube halaya I'd be happy to make it. We still have one unopened bottle and I don't want to throw it away just like that.

One other thing, as you might have noticed by now, my ube ensaymada, was not frosted by the usual buttercream that is common with most ensaymadas. What I did is just to brush the top of the ube ensaymada with softened butter then topped it with cheddar cheese.  The truth is, the Husband does not like buttercream frosting because "it is greasy and too sweet". His words not mine (evil grin)  Just in case you love buttercream frosting on top of your ensaymada check my buttercream frosting here.



Dough :
All Purpose Flour (12.5% protein content) - 2 1/2 cups 

White Sugar -1/2 c
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Instant dry yeast (le saf) - 1 tsp 
Water or milk- 1/2  cup (+/-)
Butter flavored shortening - 1/4 cup
Egg yolks, slightly beaten - from 3 eggs

Egg, whole - 1 medium
Potato,boiled and mashed - 1 small


Butter, softened
Ube jam

Cheddar Cheese, grated
Softened butter or Buttercream Frosting - (optional) see recipe here.

Egg for egg-wash

Baking procedure:

     Fermentation time: 60 minutes
     Dough Scale:  70 grams / 10 pcs

     Resting Time : 10 minutes
     Proofing time :  60 minutes 

     Baking : 180 degrees celsius / 15-17 minutes

1. In a mixing bowl, using the dough hook attachment, on low speed, mix all the dry ingredients 
for the dough including the mashed potato, excluding for the salt. After mixing, add the salt.
2. Pour the water/milk, beaten egg yolks, and shortening then mix on medium speed until gluten develops.  To check if gluten has developed properly, get a small dough and stretch it, if a thin like film forms in the middle and doesn't easily breaks, the gluten is developed.
3.  Cover the mixing bowl with cloth, place it in a warm area, and allow the dough to ferment for 80 minutes

4. Brush your flat work surface with butter. Punch dough in the center and transfer it in your flat work surface.  
5.  Cut and weigh the dough into 10 pcs at 70 grams per piece.  Roll each dough to form a small ball. Rest for at least 10 minutes

6.  Using a rolling pin, roll out each dough to form a 3 x 7 inches rectangle. 

7. Spread a small amount of softened butter on top of the dough then again spread a liberal amount of ube jam.  Roll in the dough to form a cylinder.  

7. Twirl it to form into a snail.  Put the snail-formed dough on a greased or  lined with parchment paper individual baking pan then proof for at least 1 hour.

8.  After proofing, beat egg for the egg wash then brush the the dough with it.
9.   Bake the bread at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 to 17 minutes or until the top most part turns into a light brown color. 
10.  Cool down the bread before spreading buttercream frosting and cheese on it.

If you plan to just add cheese, spread a liberal amount of butter on the ensaymada then sprinkle with grated cheese

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