Saturday, 31 October 2015

Maja Blanca (Coconut Pudding)

Tomorrow, Undas or  pista ng mga patay or all soul's day will be observed nationwide.  It's the occasion where our love ones who "went home" to the great beyond are commemorated. And Christian let's all pray for their souls' salvation including ours. And as customary among Filipinos, families and relatives get together during these holidays, so let's pray, eat, be merry, BUT behave. Do not bring liquors to the cemetery tomorrow.  Get it?

Ok now...  Since we are featuring kakanin and Filipino desserts this week, I would like to share to you my sister's maja blanca.

Maja Blanca is a Filipino native sweet dessert that is often served in special occasions, birthdays, Christmases, New Year's day, all saint's and all soul's days, or whatever occasion one can think of as an excuse to make desserts. It is the Filipino version of coconut pudding and was adopted from the Spanish dessert Manjar Blanco.  

Maja blanca is traditionally made from coconut milk, cornstarch, and sugar.  But similar to any dessert and dishes, one cook has his/her own version of maja blanca.  My Sibling #2 is no exemption to this, of course, and she has her own version of the famous maja blanca.

My sister's version of maja blanca is so simple with only three ingredients.  She added coconut milk which was extracted from real coconut, then condensed milk instead of sugar, and also whole corn kernels for added flavor.  

How about you? How do you cook your maja blanca?


Cornstarch  - 500 grams 
Grated coconut from 1 coconut 
Condensed Milk - (375 ml)
Water- 3 cups

Cooking Procedure:
1. How to extract coconut milk from grated coconut:
Extract coconut milk from grated coconut. Pour 2 cups hot water on the grated coconut then mash the grated coconut for several minutes until juices comes out.  Mash then squeeze as much coconut milk as you can. Remove the coconut meat then pass the coconut milk through a strainer.  Measure only 2 cups. 

Pour another 1 cup of warm water on the grated coconut, mash then squeeze. Remove the coconut meat then pass the coconut milk through a strainer. Set aside to cool down.  Use 1 cup of this. You can use the remaining coconut milk for ginataan dishes, to make ladek / latik, or cook any kakanin of your choice.

2.  Measure 2 cups of coconut milk from the "first squeezed" coconut milk, then pour it on a pan or pot.  Pour the condense milk and corn kernels on the same pan /pot, then bring to a boil on medium fire.  Reduce fire to low then simmer for about 2 minutes.

3. Dilute the corn starch in one cup of "second squeezed" coconut milk (make sure that it is already cold to the touch) then gradually add it to the coconut milk mixture while stirring continuously. Cook in low fire and stir continuously until mixture is homogeneous and thick.

4.  Transfer mixture into a prepared baking dish. Smooth top using a spatula or spoon. 

5.  Let the mixture cool down slightly, cover with cling wrap or aluminum foil (or any cover available). Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or until the mixture is completely cooled down and set.

Slice and serve.

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