Friday, 9 October 2015


When life throws you lemons make lemonades.  Seriously... (evil grin)

Life cannot be too sweet all the time or you'll end up with a type 2 diabetes. We need something spicy, salty, bitter, and sour to give it balance. Challenges we face no matter how petty they seem to be, for others that is while you view it as "end-of-the-world- experience" (evil grin), make us smarter, stronger, and more resilient.  A dish that only has one flavor in it is bad and boring.  So we need "sourness" in our life to make it more interesting and beautiful.

Now, don't quote me on that "one-flavor-dish" as boring.  I just wanted to emphasize... well... on lemons (evil grin)  How would you introduce this post on lemonade if you were I?  

Anyway... The Husband and I love lemon.  We always juice and drink at least one lemon fruit everyday.  I often juice 2 lemons a day just for my own consumption.  I take it in the morning and before having supper.  I also make lemon juice for the Husband which he always carries to work.  Lemon helps me in many ways specially with my IBS (irritable bowl syndrome), stabilizing my blood glucose, and in losing weight. Lemon is loaded with vitamin C that boosts metabolism.  It is also rich in  phytonutrients with antioxidant and antibiotic affects which is highly beneficial to our health.  Please check my post on Detoxing with Coriande & Lemon if you want to know what other health benefits lemons can offer.

Oh, by the way, on the effect of lemons on blood glucose. Let me just share what the Husband's cardiologist said during one of his visits with him - lemons affects blood glucose, they tend to lower them down. That's just it (evil grin)

What is the ingredients for my lemonade?  Simple - LEMONS!


Ingredients :
Freshly squeeze Lemon juice from 1 whole large lemon fruit
Water (lukewarm or cold) - 250ml
Honey or stevia - to taste (optional)
Mix all the ingredients in a glass.  Serve and enjoy

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