Sunday, 4 October 2015

How to Check if your Instant Yeast is Still OK

How to Test the Potency of your instant yeast?

Wondering if those instant yeasts that were stored for a long time and also for those unopened packages with expired dates on the label are still usable?  Here are what you need to do:

1. Heat a small amount of water, either through microwave or on the stove.  Heat the water until it is just warm to the touch, not hot, not boiling, just a bit lukewarm.

2. Dissolve at least a teaspoon of sugar, any natural sugar that you have white, brown, granulated, powdered, caster, and even honey, EXCEPT those artificial sugars. Do not use splenda, aspartame, nutra sweet, equal, and the like.

3. Throw in a teaspoon of the questionable instant yeast.  Stir and leave for at most five minutes.

4. A few seconds before the 5 minutes deadline, check your mixture. If your yeast mixture is bubbly like the one in the photo above, go ahead and use the yeast. Otherwise, throw them away and buy a new pack.  (huew, what a waste )

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