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10 Filipino Native Delicacies for All Saints Day

I apologize if there was no post for last week.  I wasn't able to update our blog because I was in pain.  I find it difficult and painful to sit in front of my laptop even for just a few minutes and to move about the house because of my back pain.  I have issues on my cervical spine and on my lumbo sacral spine but the Ortho and the rheumatoligist I've been consulting, both said that there's nothing serious to be worried about. I just have disc narrowing and bulging on both my upper and lower spine and PT (physical therapy) and some meds will do the trick.  I've been to several PT sessions for my cervical spine, the treatment includes electrical stimulation and cervical traction, but I'm not sure if there is any improvement. My infertility treatment will be starting next month and that is something I've been worrying about.

Any who, things will get better I know (fingers crossed).  I'm getting old (at 38), that's why pain is something to look forward to.  Huh! I should be growing old gracefully, wouldn't I?

Any who, again (evil grin) Next week, Filipinos and the rest of the Christian world all over planet earth will be celebrating All Souls and All Saints Day.  So this week, we will be featuring Filipino native delicacies to give you an idea as to what to cook for the occasion.

To start with, here are 10 Filipino Native Delicacies you can whip up for All Saints Day

1.  Puto - puto refers to the Filipino steamed cake.  Traditionally they are made from ground rice but most of the time they are also made from wheat flour. 
puto cake
These two puto recipes are both made from flour.  Try them  Puto Cake  and Puto .  Let us know which one you like best.

2.  Biko -  Biko is a native Filipino rice cake that is made of steamed or boiled glutinous rice and mixed with brown sugar. We have many biko recipes in our blog that you can choose from.  Mean time, try our Biko with coconut-caramel topping or  biko with calamansi rind.

3.  Inandila  - Inandila is a native Kalinga delicacy that is made from glutinous rice that is milled into a soft paste and garnished with ladek / latik or brown coconut curdles.  Here is the  Inandila  version of our Mami.

4. Palitaw sa Latik - like the inandila, palitaw is also made of glutinous rise, ground to paste consistency, formed into oval shapes, cooked in boiling water, and that they float once they're cooked. That explains the moniker palitaw which is the Filipino term of "to float". Palitaw sa latik is served with a sweet sauce made of latik and sugar. Here's my cousin's Palitaw sa Latik recipe

5. Espasol - Espasol is a sweet rice cake that originated from Laguna. It is made from toasted glutinous rice flour, cooked with sugar and coconut milk, shaped like a tube, and is coated in a brown edible powder. Here is the recipe of Ms. MJ Nucop for the Espasol.

6. Hibok Hibok -  Refers to the chewy, sticky, and gooey balls that are made out of glutinous rice mixed with water and ground to a fine paste (galapong), filled with sweet monggo paste, and cooked in coconut milk.  They are then  served with a creamy sauce made from coconut milk then topped with latik (cooked coconut curd). Here is Ms. Mensie Mendoza Bernardino recipe of Hibok Hibok .

7. Karioka - is a Filipino native delicacy or kakanin that are made of glutinous rice mixed with shredded or grated coconut meat, formed into a ball or flat oval shape or any shape as desired, that are fried and coated with caramelized sugar . Here is our Mami's recipe of Karioka .

8. Tambo Tambong or Ginataang bilo bilo - Ginataan bilo bilo is called tambo tambong in Ilocano.  It is made of glutinous rice flour that is turned into paste, formed into tiny balls, and then cooked in sugar and coconut milk along with sweet potatoes, plantains, and sago (tapioca pearls). Here is our recipe of  Tambo Tambong .-

9.  Suman Moriecos - is a Filipino delicacy that is made of ground glutinous rice mixed with sugar and water, then wrapped in banana leaves, then steamed. Check out Mami's recipe of Suman moriecos -  

10. Cassava Cake Cassava Cake is made with finely grated cassava, coconut milk, and sweeteners.  Some use milk and sugar, some would use sweetened condensed milk. Here is ate Rachel Rosario's recipe of Cassava Cake

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