Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Steamed Fish with Scallion

I'm not sure if this is lapu-lapu  but the fish monger 
(he's Egyptian I think) at the carrefour supermarket called out to us saying "lapu-lapu kabayan".  So we bought 2 whole lapu lapu

Currently, we are trying to diversify in terms of the kind of fish we eat since we decided to go with white meat lately. Not that I have been eating fish and chicken since 2012, but the husband decided to follow suit :D

We use to only cook tilapia, bangus (milkfish), salmon, tuna,  shark, and mackerel.  But now we started having kingfish, seabass, grouper, trout, hamour, and anything that looks good in our fish plate.  No problem with that.  My problem really is, how to cook them. We need variety of fish recipes otherwise dinner will get boring.  You see, I get tired of eating the same thing easily.  I need to think think think.

Anyway, here's a variation of our steamed fish.  We have other recipes of steamed fish you might be interested in, click steamed fish recipes to see them.  Click this for our collection of other steamed dishes recipes.


Fish (tilapia, grouper, etc) -  1 whole medium size
Scallion, white and light green parts -2 stems
Ginger, sliced into strips - 
Soy Sauce - 2tbsp
Salt to taste
Black Pepper corn
Sesame Oil

Cooking Procedure: 

1.  Gut and remove the scale of the fish. Wash and pat dry.  

2.   Cut 3 or 4 slashes on both sides of the fish.
3.   Rub salt and ground black pepper on the skin and cavity of the fish.  Let stand for at least 30 minutes
4.  Pour soy sauce on the fish make sure that it is fully covered inside out. Marinate for at least 2 hours 
After 2 hours,  boil water in a pot or double boiler.
6.  Stuff the fish with ginger and scallion.  Use half of the spices.
7.  Brush the skin of the fish with sesame oil then sprinkle each sides with coarsely ground black pepper. 
8.  Brush the aluminum foil with oil then lay the remaining scallion and ginger on it.

9.  Place the fish on top of the scallion and ginger the wrap the aluminum foil around the fish and seal it. 
10.  Place the fish on a steaming tray and steam the fish for at least 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the fish.

Serve and enjoy

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