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Photo Credit :  MJ Nucop

Espasol  is one of those many Filipino native delicacy or kakanin in Filipino or kankanen in Ilocano that I have always wanted to cook and has been in my very long "to-cook" list for a long time.  It's one of my many favorite,  though I admit,  I am a sucker for kakanin.  Our Lola (my Mami's mother) always make espasol whenever there is an occasion.  Though Mami often vouches that she knows how to make one, she never made one, not even once (evil grin). 

So what is Espasol ?  Like many kakanin, it is a sweet rice cake that originated from Laguna. It is made from toasted glutinous rice flour that, like most native rice cakes, is cooked with sugar and coconut milk, is shaped like a tube, and is coated in a brown edible powder.  If you want to know what that powder is, read on folks (evil grin)
For somebody who is living outside of the Philippines,  espasol and other kakanin is a luxurious commodity as they come rarely and expensively (most of the time). It is understandable of course:  rarely, because not all Filipinos can cook kakanin;  expensively, BECAUSE the major ingredients are imported and therefore expensive.  So for us to be able to satisfy our kakanin  cravings one must learn to cook at least their favorites.  BUT, as I have said, not all can cook a delicious kakanin. So for some Filipinos, cooking and selling such Filipino sweet treat is an opportunity for a profitable business. Like what our recipe contributor is currently doing in New Zealand.

Photo Credit :  MJ Nucop

The recipe of espasol we are sharing with you today is from Ms. MJ Nucop who is currently residing in New Zealand.  For all our Filipino kababayans in New Zealand, do try her espasol as it is one of her best sellers.  She's also selling Filipino beauty products and jewelries.  Check her FB page -  MJ Nucop.

Thank you Ms. MJ for allowing us to post your recipe and pictures here in our blog.  More power to you!

By the way, we have posted many recipes for Filipino delicacies. Check the links for the list of Filipino delicacies and kakanin you can find in our blog.

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Ingredients :

Malagkit powder (Glutinous Rice Powder) - 4 cup 
White sugar - 
1 1/4 cup 
Macapuno - 1 cup 
Condensed milk - 1 can
Coconut milk - 2 cups

Cooking Procedure :

1. In a pan over low fire, toast the glutinous rice powder until it turns golden brown. Remove from heat
2. Place the coconut milk in a pot and bring to a boil.  Add in the sugar then stir.
3. Throw in 3 cups of the glutinous rice powder. Set aside the remaining 1 cup of toasted glutinous rice powder. Mix until well incorporated. There should be no lumps in the mixture.
4. Pour in the condensed milk and stir. Cook on low fire rot at least 30 minutes or until the mixture is thick and sticky stirring continuously.
5. Remove from heat and let the espasol mixture cool down.
6.  Once cooled down, scoop a spoonful and roll and shape it up to form a cylinder. Dredge in the remaining toasted glutinous rice powder.  Do the same for the rest of the espasol mixture.

Serve and enjoy.  You can wrap them too :-)

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