Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Easy Steamed Tilapia

I'm in no mood to cook today since I was disappointed with the outcome of my leche-biko I made yesterday.  That's why I am calling it "na-leche na biko".  I don't know how to say it in English without ruining the message I want to convey.  Anywho, my "naleche-biko"  was supposed to be a custard and rice cake dessert.  That's another story coming next when I perfect the thing.

I find steaming and roasting the easiest and more convenient way of cooking food and yield delicious dishes any time no matter how simple the recipe is.  That's why I've been steaming and roasting for a very long time.  You can't go wrong with these two methods.  UNLESS, your recipe sucks (evil grin). 

Let me present my easy and simple but very tasty steamed tilapia. The steaming as well as the simplicity of the ingredients brought out the natural flavor of the fish. This is one option of enjoying your meal the healthy way.

As usual low-sodium salt was used. But you can use the regular salt if you wish. No argument on that.  Whichever you wish just don't call it low-sodium or healthy sodium dish (wink wink)

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Tilapia -  1 whole medium size
Onion, dice - 1 medium
Ginger, sliced into strips - 
Tomatoes, diced - 1 medium
Low Sodium Salt to taste
Black Pepper, roughly ground

Cooking Procedure: 

Boil water in a pot or double boiler.
2. Gut and remove the scale of the fish. Wash and pat dry.  
3.   Cut 3 or 4 slashes on both sides of the fish.
4.   Rub salt and ground black pepper on the skin and cavity of the fish.  Let stand for at least 30 minutes
5.  Mix the onion, ginger, tomatoes, blackpepper, and salt and stuff them inside the fish's cavity
6.  Grease the aluminum foil with oil then place the fish on top of it.  Wrap the aluminum foil around the fish and seal it. 
7.  Place on a steaming tray and steam the fish for 20-30 minutes.

Serve and enjoy

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