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Wilton Buttercream Icing

I attended a 4 day basic cake decoration class at Caramel in June.  My husband forced me too, but I admit, I enjoyed it a lot.   Cheska was our instructor. She is a self-taught Filipino cake decorator and owner of  KrazyKakes by Cheska ( ), a home-based -cake shop here in Qatar.

The method of instruction was Wilton base, so everything, from the recipe of the buttercream, to the icing of the cake, and piping decoration method are based on Wilton's standard method.  We were shown only once on how to make the buttercream. The rest of the class days, we brought our own buttercream which is still based on the Wilton recipe, cakes, and cupcakes. We did the piping decorations in class.  The 3-hour a day class is actually enough, I wish it was made longer so we can be taught more techniques

Here are some of the things I did during the class:

This cake was done on our last day.  The cake I baked was a Betty Crocker strawberry cake, 6 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall.  I had to add 50 grams of flour to the pre-mix since I was expecting the cake to turn out too sweet to our liking.  Good thing I did, the taste of the cake was acceptable after.

My initial concept for this was a basket of flowers, but the time was not enough to do the basket weave so I ended up with this chaotic design.

Though I used a stiff consistency for the roses, my buttercream were melting maybe because I have a "hot-hand".  

Below are the cupcakes we decorated on our third day.

By the way, according to the Wilton method, there are 3 types of buttercream consistency depending on the usage:

STIFF CONSISTENCY ICING:  it is used for three-dimensional decorations, such as flowers with upright petals like the rose.  Use this test to check the consistency:

- Place one cup of icing in a container/cup.  Insert a spatula in the center of the icing, all the way into the container. Lightly shake the container.  If the spatula will not move,  the icing is stiff

MEDIUM CONSISTENCY ICING:  it is used for two-dimensional decorations, such as stars, shells, boarders,rosettes, zigzags,and flowers with flat petals.  To check the consistency of the icing,follow the directions for stiff icing,  if the spatula moves slightly and starts to lean, the icing has a medium consistency.

THIN CONSISTENCY ICING:  it is used for icing cakes and for decorations, such as printing, writing, and leaves.  To check the consistency of the icing,follow the directions for stiff icing,  if the spatula falls over, the icing has a thin consistency.

Click this link for the Wilton Chocolate Buttercream Icing.

(stiff consistency)

Makes about 2 1/4 cups of icing (600g)


Solid vegetable shortening  (Crisco, transfat free) - 1 c / 190 g
Confectioners' Sugar - 4 c / 450 g
Wilton Meringue Powder - 1 tbsp / 15g
Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp
Milk or Water - 7 to 8 tsp
Pinch of salt dissolved in the recipe liquid (optional)


1. In large bowl, beat shortening  with electric mixer until light and fluffy. 
2. Beat in vanilla and milk/water.  Beat on medium speed
3. Gradually add in the sugar and continue beating under medium consistency  until the icing is creamy

TO MAKE A MEDIUM CONSISTENCY ICING: add 1 tsp (5ml) liquid for each cup of stiff icing. Mix until well blended.

TO MAKE A THIN CONSISTENCY ICING: add 2 tsp (10ml) liquid for each cup of stiff icing. Mix until well blended.

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