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Porchetta ala Cebu Lechon

Whenever I tell a friend that I am trying to lose weight, my friend's reaction is always "kain ka naman kasi ng kain, paano ka papayat" (you eat a lot, how can you lose weight).  When I ask her why she assumes I eat a lot, she casually tells me "post ka ng post sa fb ng masasarap na luto mo eh".  (you often post delicious food you cook on your FB).

First of all, I'm flattered that my friends notice the dishes I post on my facebook page, and yes, those dishes do not only look delicious, they are truly delectable according to my husband hehehe.  Thank you, I'm grateful, even if the assumption is incorrect.

I may cook a lot and bake sometimes, but I don't eat much.  You don't believe me? Ask my husband :-).  Most of the time, I don't eat  what I bake (I'm not fond of sweets) and I don't eat what I cook, specially when pork, beef, or other red meat are involved.  Just like this porchetta, I cooked for my husband a while back, I only chewed the meat to taste its flavor, then spit it out just the same. I cannot, for the love of me, swallow it.  

My husband had been craving for porchetta ever since he saw a friend's belly-chon post on FB so I decided to cook one for him just to satisfy his pork-lechon cravings and of course for me to be able to try my new recipe.  I've been experimenting and trying to come up with a lechon recipe similar to that of the famous Cebu lechon for some time now.  I wanted to achieve a porchetta with a crispy and crunchy skin and with a juicy and tasty meat, that taste like that of the Cebu lechon.  This recipe almost came close (I tasted the meat - chewed and spit it out after), the meat was really moist and juicy, the flavor of the lemongrass, leeks, and the garlic are pronounced, and the skin was crunchy but not crunchy enough to my husband's liking.  My husband liked my porchetta so I'm keeping this recipe and will cook it again next time. Though, I need to adjust on some of the ingredient as per my husband's suggestions.  A longer cooking time is needed perhaps to achieve a crispier skin.  As to the flavor, I need a Cebuano to be the judge of it next time :-)

Anyway, while the husband devours the porchetta with gusto, I settled with a canned Spanish style sardines (Ligo brand).  I'd rather be contented with the sardines than eat pork and suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for a week, thereafter. Yes folks, I don't eat much because of my IBS.  My food choices are often limited and my intake amount  of any food should always be minimal or I suffer the wrath of my gut.  I am not even suppose to eat the oily sardines, but I had no choice (or maybe I had).  Well, as long as I didn't pour the oil on my rice, I'm quite safe. Safer than eating even a tiny bit of the porchetta no matter how temptingly delicious they seem to look like :-)

      PORCHETTA ala Cebu Lechon


Pork Slab - 1.5-2kg

Brining Solution:

lemon grass (dried & chopped) - 1c
Garlic, crushed - 15 cloves
Garlic Powder - 1 tsp
Onions, chopped - 1 medium
Onion Powder - 1 tsp
Black Peppercorns (coarsely ground) - 1tbsp
Bay leaves - pcs
Sea Salt - 1/2c
Brown Sugar -1/4c
Soy Sauce (Datu Puti) - 1/2 c
Water 2cups
Cold water enough to cover the meat

lemon grass (dried & chopped)  - 1/2 c
Garlic, crushed - 10 cloves
Onions, chopped - 1 medium
Leeks - 2 stalks
Bay leaves

Black Peppercorns (coarsely ground)

for Brushing:
Soy sauce and lime/calamansi/lemon

Cooking Procedure:

1. Place all the ingredients for brining in a pot except for the cold water, stir and bring to a boil. Simmer for about 10 minutes until the salt and sugar are fully dissolved
2.  Add cold water (enough to cover the pork ) and allow to cool before putting the pork in.
3.  Poke holes on the pork slab then brine pork for at least 12 hours.
4.  After 12 hours or more, drain pork and pat dry. Air dry pork  for at least an hour. Make sure to fully drain the pork
5.  Prick the pork skin.  
6. Lay pork slab with skin down, brush the top part of the pork with the soy-lime mixture then sprinkle the black peppercorns on top .  
7. Arrange all the ingredients for the stuffing on top then roll the pork slab. With the twine, tie the rolled pork slab.
8.  Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.  Place pork slab on top of a grilling tray.  Pour water under it then cover the pork with aluminum foil.
9.  Bake for  2 hours at 180 degrees Celsius. Make sure that there is water under the pan. 10. After 2 hours, remove foil.  Brush the skin of the pork with the soy-lime mixture then continue cooking for another 30 minutes, brush again with the soy-lime mixture, and continue cooking and brushing until the skin is crispy.  If the skin is not yet crispy, increase oven temp to 220 deg Cel.

Serve and enjoy :-)

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