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More than 2 weeks ago, our Mama was rushed to the nearest hospital in our town due to dizziness and vomiting.  She was diagnosed of having high blood pressure, high sugar, high cholesterol, and vertigo.  So she was put on IV and was given medicines to lower down those that are high and to treat her vertigo.  My siblings (#2 & #4), however, noticed that our mama's condition was not improving despite being hospitalized there for 3 days already:  she couldn't take in solid food as she puke them all out, she still cannot move because if she moves her world will spin around her, and her blood pressure had been fluctuating. My siblings then requested some tests for further investigation, like a CT scan.  And since the hospital has no CT scan nor ECG they asked for a referral letter from the doctor attending her to be transferred to another hospital in a nearby city for further diagnosis. The doctor and staffs at the hospital were hesitant to provide for the needed document as that would mean that our Mama will be transferred to another hospital, and according to them "they were closely monitoring her condition so there's no need for the procedure to be done".  With the insistence of my siblings the hospital agreed to provide a referral and request for CT scan. Immediately, they went off to the hospital at the nearest city, which is equipped with better facilities.

Mami's Inandila

How can a hospital, its doctors and staff at that, possibly claim that they are closely monitoring their patient if they lack basic equipment like ECG and CT scans?  Is taking a patient's blood pressure, testing for cholesterol, sugar, etc., and giving medicines enough?  I think the doctor failed to notice that dizziness, vomiting, high BP, etc are mere symptoms of a disease that needed to be addressed immediately. Now, if the hospital do not have the equipment needed then the patient should be referred to a specialist or perhaps transfer to another hospital that are more equipped and doctors should recommend the proper diagnosis tests, like if the patient needs to undergo a brain CT scan, or ECG, and not wait for the patient's family to request for such, isn't it?  My mother had been consulting doctors in our town/city because she was always suffering from dizziness and her blood pressure has always been fluctuating, but not even one recommended her to seek further treatment with a specialist.   I'm pissed and I really want to sue those doctors for medical malpractice.  Our Mama, is to be blamed partly because she also doesn't want to be transferred because of bain / hiya (shame) as she felt as though she owed the hospital or the doctors a debt of gratitude. 

Tomorrow, mama will be having a brain surgery for tumor removal.  If not because of my siblings' insistence for her to get a CT scan, worse things could have had happened.  At this moment, we are praying that her surgery will be successful and that Mama's good health and strength will be restored.

As such,this post is dedicated to our dear Mama.  I am sharing with you her version of Inandila.  Inandila is a glutinous rice cake that originated from our province of Kalinga.  It's a native Kalinga delicacy that is made from ground glutinous (sticky) rice (traditionally called galappong but I do not know how it is called in the Kalinga dialect) or glutinous (sticky) rice flour, for those who prefers convenience, and covered with delicious ladek / latik (brown coconut curdles). I believe it was called inandila because the sticky rice cakes are served in the form of a tongue (dila). 

Traditionally, the sticky rice cakes are wrapped in taktakkong leaves, some would use banana leaves for additional flavors, then steamed. Mama, however, cooks the sticky rice cakes the way she cooks palitaw, and that is through boiling.  She boils the sticky rice cakes until they float then drain them.

Here's our Mama's version of the Kalinga's INANDILA


Glutinous Rice Flour (sticky rice flour) - 500 g.
White Sugar - 1/3 - 1/2 c or to taste

Water - 2 1/2 to 3 cups

Water for boiling

Ingredients for Ladek or Latik

Coconut meat, shredded (from at least 1 coconut)
Hot Water - 2 cups
Cold water as needed

Cooking Procedure:

How to make ladek or latik:

1. Pour 1 cups of hot water.  Mix well and let it sit for a minute.  

2. Squeeze out the milk from the shredded coconut milk.  If it is still too hot to the touch add cold water.   Repeat 2 times.
3. Strain the coconut milk to remove any coconut meat. 

4.  Place all the coconut milk in a wok or big kawali.  Bring it to a boil..  Stir continuously until all the LIQUIDS evaporated leaving the coconut oil and the brown thingy called Ladek or Latik . Set aside.

5.  Combine the glutinous rice flour, white sugar, and water  to form a dough.  the dough is a bit wet.
6-7.  Scoop out a spoonful of the glutinous rice dough, roll, then form them into an oblong or tongue shape.  Do this until all the dough are done
8.  Boil water in a pot or pan. Drop one of the sticky rice dough a few pieces at a time

9.  When the sticky rice cakes float,  remove from the water and drain to remove the excess water.
10.  Once all the sticky rice cakes are cooked, throw them in on the coconut oil and  Ladek or Latik mixture
11.  Stir gently until all the sticky rice cakes are coated with  he coconut oil and  Ladek or Latik .
12.  Serve and enjoy :-)


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