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Baked Rellenong Bangus

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter season is the best time to rejuvenate our relationship with God  to give him thanks and praise HIM for everything. It is also one of those perfect days to celebrate special moments, birthdays, happiness, and for receiving God's unexpected and long-awaited gift :-)

And to celebrate Easter, my husband and I feasted on a special baked rellenong bangus  made by the husband with TLC (tender loving care)  Well, his first rellenong bangus had been 2 weeks in the making since he made the rellenong bangus almost 2 weeks before he cooked the first one as he forgot all about it. He only remembered to cook his rellenong bangus when I told him I wanted fried milkfish for lunch, and that was a few weeks back :-)  I also had no idea he made rellenong bangus until he served it to me with a big proud smile.  After that incident, he'd been making and cooking rellenong bangus ever since :-)

Rellenong bangus , that's how we call the bangus (milkfish) that was de-boned, then stuffed with a delicious bangus filling.  Rellenong bangus  are usually steamed then fried but my husband wanted to serve me a healthier version so he decided to bake his rellenong bangus instead.  

Rellenong bangus has always been in my "to cook" list for over 4 years now but never really had the initiative to cook one as I find it tedious and laborious with all the de-boning, ensuring that all fish bones are removed, meat-shredding, steaming, and then the frying.  My husband made it look so easy to make and cook rellenong bangus, however.

my husband's first try of rellenong bangus, the skin blackened but t'was still delicious

I don't know what has gotten to him one day when he arrived with a bag full of veggies and 2 pcs of bangus (milkfish).  He just audaciously announced with a deep almost-bedroom-like voice (he's was trying to sound romantic) - "I will make you fall-in-love with me even more" as he showed me the grocery bags.  That was many weeks ago, and, again, he told me the same pitch during today's lunch. And as he predicted, his super burpi-licious and very healthy baked  rellenong bangus  had charmed its way to my tummy, that made me fell head-over-heels in love with my husband even more (nyahihihi.... evil grin).  I'd love the husband even more if he makes more rellenong bangus so we can have it every day for my breakfast, lunch, and supper, I will be very very burp-happy .  I want more!

Serve this baked  rellenong bangus  with a Thai sweet chili sauce and you'll be like dining in heaven. I did, promise, even without my usual favorite coke drink ahahaha


Ingredients :

Milkfish, whole -1 medium
Aluminum foil enough for wrapping the whole fish
cooking thread
vegetable oil for brushin


Milkfish meat from the same fish
Garlic, minced - 5 cloves
Onion, minced - 1 medium
Raisins -2 handfuls
Yellow capsicum, chopped- 1 small
Ripe Tomatoes, chopped- 1 large
Vegetable Oil - 1 tbsp
Eggs, beaten - 2 medium
Garlic Powder - 1 tsp
Black Pepper Powder
Iodized Salt -1/4 tsp

Cooking Procedure :

1. Wash, scale, and gut, gut the fish.  You should slice the fish from its back bones. Drain.
2. Gently massage the fish with your bare hands, to loosen the fish meat. Break the spine of the fish at the head and the tail. 
3.  Scrape the fish meat from the skin.  Remove the big bone. Make sure that the skin and head are whole and intact. Set aside.
4.  Mash the fish meat and remove all fish bones
5.  Mix together the fish meat and the rest of the ingredients except for the eggs and powder ingredients.
6. Beat the eggs and mix in the garlic powder, black pepper powder, and salt.  Pour it on the fish and veggie mixture.  Mix by hands or with a spatula / wooden spoon.
7. Stuff the fish and veggie mixture inside the fish skin and sew the opening. 

Wrap the fish with aluminum foil and you can store them inside the freezer until cooking time.  If you have frozen your rellenong bangus make sure that you thaw it for at least 2 hours before cooking


8. Pre-heat the oven to180 degrees C. Brush the  rellenenong bangus  with vegetable oil, cover it again with aluminum foil, place inside the oven, and bake for 25 minutes.
9. Take out the rellenong bangus, open the foil and remove all the liquid. You can set aside the liquid for consumption.
10.  Increase the oven temp to 200 degrees celsius. Brush the  rellenong bangus with oil, then return it  inside the oven, this time open the foil or you can remove the foil entirely.  Bake for at least 20 minutes or until the skin turned brown (not burnt).  Remove from the oven. 

Cool the fish down first before slicing.  Serve and enjoy


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