Sunday, 12 April 2015

Adobong Manok at Atay ng Manok (Chicken & Chicken Liver Adobo)

Our bunso (our youngest of 4) posted in her facebook and instagram accounts that she likes our sibling #3's adobo best, my mami's 2nd, and mine last.  

When it comes to cooking specially with my siblings, I usually tend to be competitive. I want my dishes to be appreciated and loved by all :-) But then instead of arguing with my sister about her basis  of comparison, nor pointing out that her taste buds are under-developed and unsophisticated that she cannot discriminate among good, better, best or the opposite (I used to do that hehehe),  I realized that she too has her own preferences and criteria of what is good and bad as to what makes a great adobo.  To each her own.

Similarly, everyone has their own best adobo recipe.  I've tasted some of my sibling #3's adobo recipe and I can say that they were not bad. I do like them actually as they were tasty. My husband even said one dinner time at my sister #3's house that he liked her chicken adobo better than mine because hers was saucy (I cooked mine dry most of the time).  I didn't talk to him the whole meal after that  hahaha. 

Here is just one of my sibling #3's adobo recipe - Check our collections of adobo recipes here.

Chicken & Chicken Liver Adobo


Chicken - 500 g. (any part and cut into serving pcs)
Chicken Liver -200 g
Garlic, crushed 
Ginger, crushed and diced 
Soy sauce
White Vinegar
paminta (black peppercorn)
Maggie Magic sarap - 1 sachet
Vegetable Oil
Water enough to cook the chicken

Cooking Procedure:

1. Saute garlic, ginger, and onions together until aromatic.

2.  Throw in the chicken and stir for  a few minutes.
3.  Pour water enough to cover the chicken, bring to boil.  Continue cooking until the chicken are tender
4.  Add in the liver, add a little water if needed just enough to cook the liver.  
5.  Throw in the sugar, maggie magic sarap, and black peppercorn. Simmer.
6.  When most of the liquids have almost evaporated,  pour in the soy sayce and vinegar then continue to simme for a few minutes.  Add a little water if you want a bit of sauce in your adobo 


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