Wednesday, 1 April 2015

10 Recipes for the Holy Week 2015

April has always been an important month for me.  Not only because Semana Santa or holy week often fall on this month but because April is the birth month of 4 important people in my life - my husband's birthday month and is his father, and also my sister's, and most specially, my father.  My papa would have been 70 this month but he went home to his Creator earlier than we wanted.  It's been more than 6 months since his passing but I still could not accept that his gone from this world. Yes, I'm still grieving and I do miss my papa.

I personally is no religious dogma, but growing up having a grandmother as a Catholic and a grandfather who is a pastor, observance of the Holy Week has become a family tradition.  And by that we usually have non-meat dishes during the Holy Week.  

Here are 10 non-meat dishes you can serve during this Semana Santa.

1.  BINAGOONGANG TILAPIA -  instead of your usual pork binagoongan, try this tasty and less-cholesterol version of it using tilapia or any other fish you prefer

2.  CRISPY TILAPIA STRIPS WITH PINEAPPLE-ORANGE MARMALADE SAUCE - your usual fried tilapia might be getting boring so why not try this crispy tilapia strips served with a delicious fruity sauce.  The kids and kid-at-heart will love you more.

3. HEALTHY  BAKEDTUNA LUMPIA - here's a healthier version of lumpia not only because tuna was used as filling which of course lower in cholesterol and lower in calorie as compared to the usual beef, pork, and chicken fillings.  And these delicious ones were not fried, they were baked to crisp

4. MALAYSIAN GARLICKY BUTTERED PRAWN - here's a Malaysian way of enjoying your prawns 

5. SMOKED SALMON & CREAMY SPINACH PESTO PASTA  -  Impress your family and friends with this irresistible combination of creamy pasta and tasty salmon. 

6. EGGPLANT & SHITAKE MUSHROOM PASTA - who says vegetarian food is boring? This delicious pasta dish will prove you wrong.  The the taste of shitake mushroom and pan-grilled eggplants melds well with the tomato based sauce. Yummy!

7. CRISPY FRIED FIVE-SPICE CALAMARI - tired of serving the same and usual calamari every Holy Week? Spice them up using five-spice.  Trust me, it's superb.

8. HOT & SPICY OATMEAL SQUID - Add oatmeal to your usual fried calamari to make it special and a lot more tastier

9.  SUAM NA KALABASA, DAHON NG AMPALAYA, AT HIPON - go traditional with your veggies and bring out your grandma's best suam recipes. If you're not Filipino, this is a must try - A delicious and healthy combination of vegetables served as soup

10. GINATAANG HITO - last but never the least, here's our family favorite, ginataang hito.  It's one of my Papa's specialty. He or Mama would cook this dish every time my siblings and I come home for vacation. This ginataang hito has always been  part of our family tradition and it will stay that way


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