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Portuguese Egg Tart

Portuguese Egg Tart by Sharon Rimando

I've been on bed rest for more than 2 weeks now and I am still not allowed to do small chores at home let alone cooking nor baking.  The husband is doing everything so I have no right to complain even if.... hehehe (Thanks Dear)

As I lie on our bed, in between watching tv, browsing the internet on my android phone, and playing with Lazie (our Persian cat), all I can think of are cakes, chocolates, cookies, ice cream, scrambled egg, chinese noodles, sashimi, roasted duck,  roasted pork (even if I am no longer eating red meat), and so many more. My food cravings are off-the-charts and my appetite becomes voracious. This may just be some nasty side-effects of my fertility and progesterone shots. They tend to make my hormones chaotic.  Well, that's my justification for feeling this.

Since browsing facebook and instagram and the internet has been my past-time, I usually come across pictures and recipes of delectable baked goods and delicious-looking dishes which often leaves me drooling and craving for anything and everything.  Have you experience something like, just by looking at a picture, you can taste the flavor of the dish and smell its aroma?  That often happens to me hehehe.  And it frustrates me knowing that I can't bake nor cook and so is the husband (he has so much in his plate right now to indulge my whims) Staring at photos of cakes and cookies and breads and tarts is a self-inflicted torture (uugghh) So, my husband would try to satisfy my appetite by buying cakes or chocolates or some cooked meals but I tell you I'm unquenchable.  

All I can do right now is to list all the things I want to bake and cook and when I get better, the first thing I will do is to bake and cook (whichever I feel like it). Right now, it's kind of difficult to sit in front of my laptop and type this blog entry.  My left hand is still trembling and now I'm tired. I'll continue in a bit.

Rested so I'm back.  I want egg tart!  Ever since I saw a post on BHM (Bake happy Manila - a facebook group page) about egg tart, I cannot help but imagine how delicious and creamy and luscious egg tarts are specially the ones from Lord Stowe.  I've been begging my husband to bake me some but he would just shrug and stare at  me blankly.  So when I get better, I vow to bake this first on my list. 

Our good friend Sharon Rimando who is now based in Bulacan, Philippines and running her own baking business was generous enough to share me her recipe. Thanks very much!  I just wish we were neighbors (sigh...) You can find her bread and cake creations on her FB page -  Milk and Butter Concoctions on FB 

Portuguese Egg Tart by Sharon Rimando

     Portuguese Egg Tart by my good friend 
       Sharon Rimando


All Purpose Flour  -200g 
Powdered sugar -30 g 
Butter - 200 g (under room temp)
Cold water -50 g 
a pinch of salt

Filling :

egg yolks from 4 eggs
powdered sugar -1/3 cup
heavy whipping cream -1/3 cup
milk -1/3 cup 
tantya lang sa vanilla extract

Baking Procedure:

1. Whisk together all the ingredients for the filling .
2. For the crust, cut butter into small cubes (make sure that your butter is under room temp but not softened) .
3. In a separate bowl, mix together all purpose flour, powdered sugar, and salt. 
4. Put in butter and incorporate the butter into the flour.  With yourhand, rub the butter against the dry ingredients until well incorporated. Do not knead. 
5. Pour water a tbsp at a time just until it can be formed into a ball. 
6. Form the dough into a disk and wrap with a plastic or cling-wrap and chill for 20 minutes. 
7. pre-heat and set the temp. of the oven to 200 deg C
8. After chilling, cut dough into pieces weight 30 grams each. 
9. Roll dough into a floured surface then flatten using your palm.
10. Place each dough-sheet into the muffin pan. 
11.  Spoon or pipe your cream filling into tart shell 
12. Bake it for 15 mins at 200C then lower temp to 180C and bake for another 10-12 mins

Yields around 12 tarts


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  1. Thanks for posting! Im also a member of bake happy manila but I wasn't able to save this recipe.