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Dinengdeng nga Saluyot ken Prinito nga Bangus

I will let you in in the world of Ilocanos.  Our world. 

We Ilocanos love our meat and fish but we love our vegetables more.  Vegetable dishes is often present in any meal time of the day and they are often boiled and dipped in bagoong (fermented fish sauce) or cooked in it. One distinction for us Ilocanos also is our love for bagoong  (fermented fish sauce). It has become part of us and embedded in us.  That holds true for Ilocanos who grew up in the provinces but I'm not sure for those who grew up in the big cities.

For the Ilocanos and anyone with an Ilocano palate, dinengdeng is part of our food tradition. Any "grass" or vegetables growing in the backyard or along the roadsides or any public area can be turned into this rustic yet delicious dinengdeng, all you need is water and one distinctly Ilocano ingredient, the  bagoong, and viola, you now have a delicious dish for the family to enjoy. Saluyot or jute leaves is a kind of vegetable, to some, a kind of "grass" because it just pops out any where and everywhere as long as the soil is rich. In the province, this kinds of vegetables enables us poor people to live and survive. 

If you haven't tried dinengdeng nga saluyot well your missing a lot :-) Add this to your bucket list now!


Ingredients :

jute leaves  (Saluyot)  - a bundle
Fermented Anchovy Fish Sauce (Bagoong sauce) - 2 tbsp

ginger (laya), crushed and diced
Onions (sibuyas), diced - 1 medium
garlic (bawang), crushed and peeled 
black pepper, ground (paminta)
water (danum)- 2 cups or just enough to cover the veggies

Fried Milkfish

Milkfish or any kind available - scaled and gutted then sliced

Oil for frying
Cooking Procedure:

Fried Milkfish:

1. Rub milkfish with salt and let stand for about 30 minutes
2. Heat oil in a frying pan then shallow-fry the milkfish in it one side at a time until all sides turned brown.
3. Place your fried fish on top of paper towels to remove excess oil.  Set aside


1. Place water in a pot then add the ginger, garlic, and onions and bring to a boil.  
2. In a bowl, place the bagoong sauce with some of its fermented fishes.  Pour boiling water from the mixture you boiled. Mash the fish to separate the meat from the fish bones.  Pour the bagoong into the mixture excluding the fish bones.  Let it simmer.  
3.  Toss in the jute leaves and simmer until the leaves are softened.
4.  Before you remove from fire, throw in the fried milkfish. Remove from fire after a minute

Enjoy :-)


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