Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sauteed Green Onion Leaves

Do you know that having an appetizing side dish makes a simple meal enjoyable? Like having this savory sauteed green onion leaves matched with a simple fried or steamed fish served with steamed rice. Heavenly. My husband loves it. Well, it may be true for some like us but not for others.

I've been cooking this for the husband every now and then specially when he craves for it.  It's a simple and easy side dish to prepare and cook and also cheap as a bunch of green onion leaves will only cost you less than $1, even less than 50 cents. 

Speaking of cheap spices, I just read an article about how horrendously expensive garlic and onions are now a days in the Philippines. My Mama said it costs more than a hundred pesos for a kilo of onions and she's talking about the kind that are almost considered rejects.  Garlic is way worst as it costs about P300-P400 (almost $10) a kilo.  Here in Qatar,  the price of a kilo of good quality red onions ranges from QR 2-4 (P20-P50)  while white and yellow onions is about QR10/kg (P100).  Garlic is also less than P50 per kilo. I don't know how to explain this "phenomenon" to think that Qatar imports most of its produce (it is a desert country,remember?)  while the Philippines is an agricultural country that produces onions and garlic.  Would anyone tell me and the world what is happening?

So a Filipino housewife in the Philippines with a tight budget has to go easy on her rekados.  I am thinking, may be instead of filling our balikbayan boxes with clothing, shoes, chocolates, and toys, might as well send boxes of garlic and onions including ginger to our families back in the Philippines  hhhmmmmm (thinking)

Anyway,  here's my recipe:



Green Onion Leaves - a bunch
Pork, sliced thinly
Red onion, julienned - 1 small
Garlic, chopped - 2cloves
Black Pepper Powder
White Pepper Powder
Olive Oil
Salt to taste

Cooking Procedure:

1. Wash and  cut-off the roots of the green onion leaves.  Remove any unappetizing green stems.
2. Cut them into an inch long.
3.  In a frying pan, heat oil and fry the pork slices until they turn brown and crispy.
4. Toss in the garlic and continue frying.  Add the red onions then the green onion leaves.  Stir. 
5.  Season with salt, white pepper powder, and black pepper powder. Continue to stir fry until the leaves wilt. 

Remove from fire and serve as a side dish


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