Saturday, 3 May 2014

Fried Eggs and Onions

Fried Eggs & Onions, CDO chicken longganisa, and wholegrain red rice

Hep! Wait a minute. Just before you say anything read what I am about to say.  I cannot decide whether to use "scrambled egg with onion" or "onion omelette" for the title because for me they are but one and the same in terms of 1. ingredients and 2. taste and smell. They only differ in visual presentation.  Agree?  hhhhmmmm

Most of the time I cook it the way presented above, but my husband (sometime, I do, too) would cook it the way below.  Whichever way, I like them all.  I like it better though when my husband does it because as he always say and I quote "cooked with TLC" (smiling and eyes twinkling)

Anyway, call this dish anything you like, scrambled or omelette, this is one of my favorites.  It's quick and easy to prepare and cook.  It's rewarding because its very tasty yet healthy too as it is high in protein.  If I am craving for something (as in some-thing) and I don't know what it is, I cook this for instant gratification.  I often have this for breakfast or for any meal of the day specially when I don't know what to eat.  This is my quick-fix for a hungry tummy and a chaotic palate.


Ingredients :

Eggs - 2 medium
Onion, sliced thinly - 2 medium
Salt and Black pepper powder to taste 
Vegetable oil for frying

Cooking Procedure :

1.  Heat oil in a pan under high temperature
2.  Beat the eggs with the salt and pepper until fluffy.
3.  Pour the eggs on the pan, tilt the pan from side to side to spread the egg mixture.
4.  Cook until the eggs are firm on the bottom with the top slightly runny. 
5.  Flip the egg over and continue to cook for a minute or 2.  I want my egg to be brown so I usually cook it longer. 
6.   Flip half part of the egg to the center to form a half moon.  Pour a teaspoon of vegetable oil on the same pan and fry the onion until they wilt.  

Place the onion inside the half-moon egg and serve


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