Friday, 30 May 2014

Chicken & Pork Humba

I made humba yesterday  :-) my husband told me that it tasted like a fusion between a pork ham and adobo. He liked it but he was incessantly complaining about the pork fat and he sounded like a buzzing mosquito in my ears (evil grin).  

The Husband: "Why didn't you remove the pork fat? do you know that pork fat is dangerous to your health? This (pointing to the pork fat) will clog my arteries. We will die early because of this fat". blah blah blah and more blahs.  Ddduuhhh what's pork humba without the pork fat? Same goes with pork adobo, right?  You can agree or disagree with me all you like just place them in the comment box after this post :-)  (evil grin)

Anyway, I've been cooking humba and you can find some of my humba recipes in this blog. What's special with this humba is that the recipe came from real Visayan Moms who cook humba :-)  Thanks to ate Rachelle, ate vivien, and marlou for sharing their well guarded humba recipes. Their recipes and cooking tips were easy to follow.

While my husband enjoyed my chicken & pork humba, I did not. As you may recall,  I don't eat red meat, pork included, that is also the reason why I added chicken to the humba instead of just pork. The chicken thighs I've used tasted awful. You know the taste of cooked frozen meat that was froze for a very long time?  That's the taste I was referring to.  My chicken tasted just like that and I was so disappointed.  Luckily, it did not affect the overall taste of the humba.  If only I can eat the pork,  I could have enjoyed the humba too.

Sooo. Humba.  Ate Rachelle's style of cooking humba is like this:  she uses the pork belly part,cut them into serving sizes, dump them in a pot, then cook it until the pork releases their own oil.  At that point she throws in the rest of the ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, black pepper corn, bay leaves, let them simmer to cook the vinegar.  After that she adds the water and the sugar then simmer the whole thing until all of the liquids evaporated.  Ate Vivien said she uses coke instead of water and sugar. And Marlou said, he fries the pork.  I'm just not sure if he fries it before he adds water to it or at the very last part.  

With my Humba, I combined all the information I gathered and came out with this recipe.  First, since the humba is sweet, which is what makes the difference between humba and adobo, I used sprite instead of sugar nor coke.  You see, the sprite has a double purpose in the dish, one, it added sweetness and flavor, two, sodas are meat tenderizer. Well, here's the recipe.



Pork, cut into serving sizes - 400 g.
Chicken thighs - 4 pcs
Soy Sauce - 8 tbsp
Cane Vinegar - 8 tbsp
Sprite- 2 cups
Star anise - 3 pcs
Bay leaves -4 pcs
Garlic, crushed and diced - 10 cloves
Black peppercorn

Cooking Procedure:

1. Dump the pork and chicken in a pressure cooker then simmer them until the meat releases oil. Fry the meat in the oil until they turn almost brown
2.  Thrown in the rest of the ingredients  except for the sprite and simmer for about 5 minutes.
3.  Pour the sprite on the meat, cover, then cook the meat under pressure for about 15 minutes from the time the the cooker whistles.
3. Remove cover and continue simmering until all the liquids evaporated.
4. Let the chicken and pork fry in their own oil.


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