Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How to Make Moroccan Tea

When my husband  had his first Moroccan Tea at Le gourmet he didn't stop pestering me to make one.  The following day we went to the nearest Al Meera (a supermarket) to buy mint leaves which is an ingredient for the Moroccan tea.  What more can I do but to make Moroccan tea.  

Moroccan tea is actually a mint tea that has originated from Morocco.  It is a traditional drink that composes of fresh mint leaves and green tea leaves and are usually served not only after every meal but all through out the day.  This mint tea, has become, or more more appropriately, is  a symbol of Moroccan hospitality, friendship, and tradition.

Let me share with you this, my husband doesn't like any tea or tisane other than his favorite chamomile tisane. He doesn't like the somewhat bitter and acrid aftertaste of most teas and tisane.  But he liked the Moroccan tea because it is minty and sweet.  Me on the other hand do not like sweet teas nor sweet tisane.  Bitter or not I want them as is.  That's why every time I make Moroccan tea, I make mine without sugar.  Oh well, I do make this tea as in always due to the constant and incessant request of the husband.

By the way, Le gourmet is a restaurant located at the Souq Waqif food strip here in Doha, Qatar, that offers Mediterranean cuisine and are also famous for their shisha.


Ingredients :
Water - 500 ml
Loose Green Tea Leaves - 2 tbsp
Fresh Mint Leaves - a handful
White Sugar - to taste (optional) 

Cooking Procedure :
1.  Boil about more than 500ml of water 
2.  Wash the mint leaves well.  Drain and set aside.
3.  Place the loose green tea leaves in a teapot or any pot, pour about a cup of boiled water.  Stir 10 times then discard the water.
4.  Throw in the mint leaves on the same pot with the green tea leaves and pour 500ml of boiling water in it.  Let the leaves steep for about 5-10 minutes.
5.  Transfer into 2 separate cups.  

You can add in a teaspoon of sugar or honey or splenda, but that one is optional.  I like mine as is.  My husband likes it sweet.


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