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Ukoy - Filipino Shrimp Fritters

When I was still working in Singapore my favorite lunch would be bak kut teh or ABC (pork soup) which I usually buy from a Chinese stall, or beef rendang from the Malaysian food hawker or my favorite hokkien prawn mee from a Chinese noodle store.  Sometimes if I don't feel like eating I just buy one vegetable fritter from the Indonesian food stall just to fill my tummy.

And every time I buy that Indonesian vegetable fritter (which I already forgot what it is called, need to look for it) I also start planning to cook ukoy.  The "plan" stayed as just "plan" and never materialized for years until now.  I think being a housewife gives me all the opportunities to explore my cooking prowess.  Good thing too that I married a man who loves to eat  and is constantly hungry :-)  (I don't know which one comes first)

I, actually, don't remember eating shrimp ukoy, not ever.  I know that Filipino cuisine has a seafood fritter called ukoy. Now that made me think, what is the Filipino term for other fritters?  Is it still ukoy or ukoy only refers to shrimp fritters? Please enlighten me. Anyway,  I've seen a few ukoy sold as street foods in our town and even in Manila but never had the chance to taste one.  So when I got hungry one time and when our stocks of breads, biscuits, cereals, chocolates, and chips don't seem to be appetizing, I foraged through the kitchen, then I saw a pack of small shrimps in the freezer.  Right there and then I decided to make ukoy.  The truth is I was craving for something crispy, salty and savory that is not my usual go-to-food (I'm referring to chips- Lay's yogurt and herbs is my favorite) so ukoy might be that thing that can satisfy my cravings.  

This is  my first time to cook and eat ukoy and the result wasn't visually appealing.  My ukoy don't seem to look like "ukoy" or the way I expect them to look like and they were not crispy (sad), however, they tasted lovely and satisfying - as I was expecting salty (just a bit) and savory, just the way I like it .  


Ingredients :

Shrimps, small - 1/2 c
All Purpose Flour - 1/2 c
Egg - 1 whole
Garlic, minced - 5 cloves
Onion, minced - 1 small
Black pepper powder - 1/4 tsp
White pepper powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Vegetable Oil for shallow frying

Cooking Procedure :

1. Mix flour, black pepper powder, white pepper powder, and salt thoroughly
2. Combine the dry ingredients with the egg and water until the texture is smooth. Add more water as needed as the texture should be thick but not too runny.
3. Toss in the garlic, onions, and shrimps.  Mix well.
4. Place oil in a frying pan and heat it.  Scoop a spoonful of the ukoy mixture and drop it into the oil.  Fry each side until they turn golden brown (3-5 minutes)

Transfer to a plate lined up with paper towel to remove excess oil.


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