Monday, 24 March 2014

Pechay Salad

If anyone notices, I usually post fish, seafood, and meat dishes in this blog and in our facebook page ( ).  That doesn't mean, however, that we don't eat veggies.  My husband and I love to eat vegetables specially the leafy ones.  I make sure that I serve veggies on the side every meal time.  So, if you see me posting pork or beef or fish or any other seafood and meat, always expect that they come with veggie side dishes.

Most of the time I just blanch, boil, or steam some leafy vegetables, dice and mix some spices with it, toss them with some condiments,  and serve them with the main dish.  One of which is this pechay salad I love to make that usually goes with steamed or fried fish or seafood.  Try it.


Ingredients :

Tomatoes, diced - 1 large
Cucumber, diced - 1 small

Vinegar dip:
Cane vinegar - 2 tbsp
Balsamic vinegar - 2 tbsp
Onions, diced - 1 small
Garlic, minced - 1 clove
Black Pepper Powder
Brown Sugar - 1 tsp or to taste
Salt to taste

Cooking Procedure :

1.  Place water and salt in a pot and bring to a boil.  Toss in the pechay and continue to boil for a minute or until the pechay wilts.  Drain and set aside.  
2.  Mix all the ingredients for the vinegar dip let stand for at least 30 minutes before serving.
3. On a plate mix together the pechay, tomatoes and cucumber.

you can toss the vinegar dip with the pechay, tomatoes, and onions if you like but my husband and I prefer to put the veggies in our plate and drizzle them with the vinegar mixture


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