Saturday, 15 March 2014

Halabos na Hipon

This is the easiest, less complicated, very quick, and very tasty Filipino dish to beat.  

We have posted several shrimp recipes in this blog that are equally delicious but some requires  more patience as they are more tedious, complicated, and takes longer time to prepare and cook.  Our  Prawn Tempura and Camaron Rebosado, for instance.  For each dish both require deveining and removal of the shrimps' shells (that's stressful and time-consuming, unless you plan to use those frozen shrimps without the shells), coating them with batter, and frying one battered shrimp at a time. We also have the Malaysian Garlicky Buttered Prawn and Salted Carcker Prawn  wherein both dishes require several procedures that are needed to be followed with precision making it laborious and exhausting.  

All those shrimp / prawn recipes are worth my time and sweat, however.  But there are just those moments when I don't like to exert so much effort to produce a delectable dish specially when we have friends coming over for dinner.  For small gatherings, I usually prepare 3 to 4 dishes and I often look for ways that some dishes need not be complicated and time consuming to prepare. Halabos na Hipon is food-heaven's answer to that.

Halabos na hipon is the Pinoy term for pan cooked shrimps.  No deveining and no deshelling needed. Just toss in the shrimp, along with the rest of the ingredients, in a heated pan with melted butter on it, simmer for a few minutes, then serve.  How hard can that be? Simple things, simple joys.  Go easy on this dish though as shrimps are high in sodium and cholesterol and they are a bit pricey :-)


Ingredients :

Shrimps, shell on - 1 kg
Butter - 2 tbsp
Garlic, minced - 10 cloves
Onions, minced - 1 large
Chili Flakes - as desired
7up - 2 cups
Black Pepper Powder
Sweet Paprika Powder
Salt to taste

Cooking Ingredients :

1. Trim the whiskers and cut off the protruding part of the head or or remove the head entirely or leave them as is if you wish.  Whichever suits you.
2. In a wok, toss in butter then heat under high heat to melt.
3. Stir in the chili flakes, garlic, then the onions. 
4.  Throw in the shrimps and stir.  When the shrimps begin to change in color, pour the 7up and season with salt, black pepper powder, and sweet paprika powder.
5.  Continue to cook under high heat until the liquids are reduced to more than half. 


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