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Beef Bulgogi (Korean Beef Barbecue on Skewers)

I have been postponing cooking bulgogi for a long time.  May be because I don't eat red meat .  And since my husband usually eat beef at his work place, serving him beef at home is not good for his health.  As advised by his doctor, he should only eat read meat at most 5 servings a week. That's the reason why, if you have noticed, I seldom cook red meat.  

Anyway, I saw this commercial on tv featuring Korean barbecues so I thought of cooking bulgogi even if I cannot eat them.  BULGOGI  refers to grilled marinated red meat, where beef is commonly used.  It is basically a Korean barbecue recipe.  The marinade usually composes of soy sauce and sugar making it taste sweet.  Some would like to add a lot of garlic for that sweet-garlicky taste, some add chillies for that hot-kick,  but that depends on your liking. 

Some of what I read said that the meat matters in bulgogi.  Sirloin, rib eye, and other prime cuts are highly recommended for bulgogi.  For my bulgogi , I used the meat from the shoulder part of the cow.  I sliced them thinly across the grain to tenderize them more quickly since I planned to grill them in the oven in two minutes on both sides.  If I cook them any longer then there is the tendency to overcook the meat making it dry and even tougher to chew on. Oh by the way, I also cheat :D I made use of a commercially bought meat tenderizer (wide grin).  Traditionally,  pureed ripe pears are used to tenderized the meat.  But pears are not available in our kitchen so I used other meat tenderizers.

Serve this on top of a steaming hot rice or wrapped in lettuce.


Ingredients :

Beef, sliced thinly - 300 g
Bamboo skewers

Marinade :

Soy sauce - 3 tbs
Water - 3 tbs
Brown sugar - 2 tbs  
Sesame oil -1 tbs
Sesame seeds  -1 tbs
Green Onion Leaves, chopped - 1 stalk
Garlic, minced  - 3 cloves
Black Pepper Powder - 1/4 tsp
Meat Tenderizer

Cooking Procedure:

1. Slice the beef thinly and against the grain.
2. Mix together all the ingredients for the marinade.
3. Add the beef to the marinade and place them in the refrigerator.  Let it be marinated for at least 2 hours or over night.
4.  Toast sesame seeds and set aside.
5.  Remove the beef from the marinade and shake off excess sauce.  Place the marinade in a pan and bring to a boil.  Simmer for about 10 minutes under low fire.
6.  Thread the beef onto the skewers and line them on an oiled grill.
7.  Using the grill function of your oven, grill the beef for at least 3 minutes on both sides. Baste with the sauce while grilling.  

If you are going to grill using charcoal, grill for about 2 minutes on both sides


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