Friday, 31 January 2014

Rum Margarita

Today is the celebration of the lunar new year.  It is the year of the horse and I wish everyone a wonderful year ahead.  Kung hei fat choy!  xin nian kuai le!  Gong xi fa chai!  Let's drink to that!

Margarita is considered as a Mexican cocktail that is traditionally made with tequila mix,  Cointreau or any orange flavored liqueur, and lime or lemon.  At the moment, there are many variations of this famous bar drink.  One would be mine :-)

We run out of tequila so when my husband requested for a "tipsy drink" I decided to make margarita out of the dark rum available in our kitchen.  I was actually thinking of using Bourbon whiskey but I went for the first.  Anyway, try my recipe.   

Drink moderately people :-)


Ingredients :

Rum, dark or white - 250 ml
Lime juice - 100 ml
Ice - 2 cup
Splenda - 2 small packets

Preparation :

1. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth
2. Rub lime on the rim of the 2 wine glasses then dip in sea salt.
3. Pour the margarita mix in the glasses and garnish with lime


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