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Pancit Batil Patong

I usually miss home, that is common among OFWs (overseas Filipino workers).  My best way to deal with it is to cook dishes that makes me feel "at home".  

Pancit batil patong is one dish that will always remind me that my husband and I are from Tabuk located at the center of the province of Kalinga and it is what we call home.  Pancit batil patong is ,a noodle dish that is popular in the Cagayan valley and parts of Cordilleras.  Every "panciteria" (noodle house) that mushrooms all over our city and nearby towns, boast their own special Pancit batil patong.  And by special it means and refer to the kind of toppings that goes with the pancit batil patong.   Some would add pork, chicharon, crispy lechong kawali, others add hotdogs, kikiams, squidballs, a mixture of vegetables, etc.  One thing is a common ingredient and always a "must-be-present" for sure, the ground cara-beef or beef and the sunny side-up egg that goes on top on every plate of the pancit batil patong.  Toss in anything you like but never skimp on the beef or cara-beef.  

My husband and I have been recreating pancit batil patong for a long time now. Experimenting on what are the best toppings to add or what's the best noodle to use (fresh or dried egg noodles?) and of course how to make the sauce a lot tastier. For the toppings, any meat is just great just don't forget the beef (or cara-beef if you can get your hands on them).  Adding vegetables would be healthy too.  For the noodles, anything will do as long as you do not over cook them.

Oh, do not forget the egg.  Yes, the sunny-side up egg or poached egg that is placed on top of every serving of pancit batil patong.  AND also the egg-drop soup.  Without the egg and the soup, it will just be plain pancit.


Ingredients :

Egg Noodles (Dried) - 100 g.
Beef, minced - 100 g
Chicken Liver, diced - 100 g
Chicken Gizzard, diced - 100 g.
Garlic, chopped - 8 cloves
Onions, chopped - 2 medium
Bean Sprout
Knorr chicken bouillon - 1 pc
Soy Sauce - 2 tbsp
Fish Sauce - 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Magi Magi Sarap - 1 tsp
Black Pepper, ground
Water - 2 c
Vegetable Oil
Egg, beaten - 1 pc
Eggs - 2 pcs cooked sunny-side-up

Cooking Procedure :

Noodles or Pancit

1.Boil water in a pot then cook the noodles until it soften.  Drain and set aside.

2. Pour 2 teaspoon of vegetable oil and the gizzard and give a stir for about a minute.  Then add the liver.  Continue stirring until no blood oozes from the liver.  Remove the meat and set aside.
3. Add another 2 teaspoon of vegetable oil and the minced beef  in a pan.  Stir fry the meat, on high heat, until they turn brown. Remove the meat from the pan and set aside.
4. Add the garlic and saute until aromatic then add the onion. Sauté until the onions wilt.
5. Pour the water, soy sauce, fish sauce, magi magic sarap, knorr chicken bouillon, and black pepper powder. Bring to a boil

6. Toss in the noodles and the bean sprouts.  Simmer for about 2 minutes.
7.  Remove the noodles from the pan and place on a serving dish leaving some of the sauce.

8.  Spread the beef, liver, and gizzard on top of the noodles.

Egg Drop Soup or Batil

1.  Heat the pancit sauce.  Add more water if needed but adjust taste by adding soy sauce, fish sauce, and black pepper powder.  Simmer

2.  Pour the beaten egg on the soup.  Stir.

Serve the soup with the pancit.


1. Poach an egg or two or fry them sunny side up style then place the eggs on top of the noodles / pancit before serving.

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  1. I want to try this dish when i visit to north :)