Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Mojito is a cocktail drink that is popular in almost all bars/club world wide.  This alcoholic drink is considered as the national drink in Cuba.  Traditionally, mojito consist of the following ingredients : White rum, tonic water, spearmint leaves, sugar, and lime juice.  

I made some substitutions in my recipe, like sprite for the tonic water.  Instead of sprite, any club sodas can also be used.  And since I used sprite, I no longer need sugar.  I also used tequila gold instead of white rum.   

This is a refreshing drink specially in summer.  You can have it anytime you wish though.  Just drink in moderation :-)


Ingredients :

Tequila cuervo gold - 1/2 c or as desired
Lime juice, freshly squeezed- 1/2 c
Sprite - 500 ml
Mint Leaves, chopped - a handful
Ice cubes
Lime, sliced

All of the liquid ingredients must be ice cold

Preparation :

1. Place all the ingredients in a pitcher and mix
2. Pour the mojito mix in glasses and garnish with lime


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