Sunday, 2 June 2013

Toasted Herb Bread

A a Filipino, we are used to heavy breakfast consisting of fried fishes or meat and everything with eggs specially if you grew up with a mother like mine who's concept of breakfast needs to be a complete, heavy, and that has to have eggs as part of the meal.

Things changed when I went to university.  Since then breakfast was something I can live without specially when you are sleep deprived and an extra 10 minutes of sleep before you rush to take a bath and get dressed is something you value.  Making breakfast is just out of the picture for me and my siblings.  The busy life of Manila metro gave me a whole meaning of the word breakfast and even changed further when I lived and worked in Singapore for a few years.  Breakfast at home is nothing but water.  

But, again, things change specially when you get married and live with your spouse.  My concept of breakfast however is not the same as that of my mother.  It varies depending on the mood or the busyness of the day ahead or what time we wake up.  Sometimes I serve a complicated breakfast complete with protein and carbohydrates like daing and sinangag and I sometimes I even bake something for breakfast.  Sometimes, breakfast has to be quick and simple like a fruit / vegetable smoothie, a bowl of oatmeal or cereals, or such as this toasted bread.

Here's a simple, easy to make yet tasty toasted bread you can make for breakfast or for snack.  You can also make this to compliment your pasta dishes or any meat stews. 


Ingredients :

Sliced Loaf bread of your choice
Olive Oil

Cooking Procedure :

1. Spread a generous amount of olive oil on each sides of the sliced bread
2. Mix the herbs together and sprinkle it on each sides of the sliced bread.
3. Heat a non-stick pan and toast each sides of the bread until they turned brown

Serve and enjoy


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