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Inabraw nga Parya ken Kalunay

There are so much I miss about our province.  Kalinga is the province where I and my husband came from.  We both were born and grew up in the same town, now a city, we call Tabuk.  Our parents, my parents and his, are still living there.  There's the fresh air, the fresh water, the quiet but not so peaceful life, and the abundance of fresh produce.  Tabuk can provide everything you need for a simple life.

Inabraw or dinengdeng dishes always reminds me of home.  My parents and my husband's parents are fond of cooking this Ilocano exquisite dish.  My mother would often mix any vegetable that she can find from the wet market and season them with fish sauce (she prefers fish sauce over fermented fish (bagoong) because most of us are allergic to the latter).  Fried or broiled fishes are often added for that special flavor for her dinengdeng.  My father would do the same only that his dinengdeng is a lot greasier because he often adds pork meat and fat instead of fried or broiled fish.

Once in a while I cook Ilocano food specially when we need to "detoxify" or just take a break from meat, fish and other high in protein food.  This dish may look and sound rustic but it is delicious and good for the digestive system.

Here's a simple recipe you can try.


Ingredients :

Parya (Bittergourd fruit)
Kalunay (Spinach Leaves)
Sibuyas (Onions), diced
Laya (Ginger),sliced
Bawang (Garlic) chopped
Buggoong (Fermented Fish Sauce)
Paminta (Black Peppercorns)
Danum  (Water)

Cooking Procedure :

1. Ikabil diay danum, buggoong, sibuyas, laya, bawang, ken paminta iti maysa nga paglutwan santo pagbureken ti lima minuto
(Place the water, fermented fish, onions, ginger, garlic, and peppercorns in a pot and bring into a boil.  Let it boil for at least 5 minutes)
2. Ipisok diay parya.  Lutwen ti lima minuto.
(Add the bittergourd and cook for at least 5 minutes)
3. Ipisok diay bulong to kalunay ken pagbureken agingga maluto
(Add the spinach and simmer until the leaves are cooked)

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