Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mutton Humba in Pineapple Juice

This morning I had my abdomen ultrasound at Hamad General Hospital as requested by my GI and Gen surgeon.  So, I have polyps in my gall bladder.  That was confirmed twice.  Anyway, the ultrasonographer (a Filipino) told me that I have "multiple polyps" (she wrote that on the paper)The findings from my ultrasound back in Singapore stated that I have "a few tiny polyps".  What a use of words.  The latter sounds more positive and the first made me worried.  They should have just counted it. I need definite figures!

Anyways (sic), I cooked another humba dishThis time mutton is the main ingredient. When I cooked Chicken Humba for my husband a few days ago, 6 days ago (definite figures), he likes the taste of the dish most specially of the star anise so he requested that I experiment on cooking the same dish but I need to add pineapple juice.  And so I did obligingly.

I am not sure if the Bisaya people will call this dish humba but I am calling it humba just the same. The flavor of this dish and the use of meat trotters reminds me of pata tim.  I only had tasted the sauce or whatever remains of it since I cannot eat red meat.  That was sad. But what's important was that my husband did like and enjoy this dish.

The mutton trotters were cooked to my husband's liking, soft but not fall-off-the-bone-tender.  He wants something to chew on that's why.  The gamey taste of the mutton?  Well it dissipated hehehe leaving just a hint of that gamey flavor so that the one eating the meat will still know that he/she is eating mutton and not beef.  The flavor penetrated deep into the meat making this dish more delicious.  And the sauce was wonderful that despite my husband's protest that it was oily, he can't stop pouring the sauce over his plate of red rice :-)

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Ingredients :

Mutton trotters - 1 kg
Pineapple juice - 2 c
Brown Sugar - 3 tbsp or to taste
Water - 1 c
Garlic, chopped - 6 cloves
Onions, diced - 1 small
Star anise - 4
Bay Leaves - 2 pcs
Black Pepper, coarsely ground
Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp

Marinade :
Soy Sauce - 1/3 c
Cane Vinegar - 1/3 c

Cooking Procedure :

1. Marinade mutton trotters in soy sauce and cane vinegar for at least an hour.  Remove from the marinade and reserve the sauce.
2.  Heat oil in a pan and pan sear mutton trotters until all sides turned brown.
3.  Stir in garlic then onions, cook until aromatic.
4.  Transfer in a pressure cooker.  Pour the marinade, pineapple juice, and water over the trotters. Add the spices (bay leaves, star anise, and black pepper corn.  Cover and bring to a boil
5.  Cook under pressure for about 15 to 20 minutes.
6.  Remove lid of pressure cooker and simmer until most of the liquids have evaporated.

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