Monday, 20 May 2013

Home-made Mango Ice Cream (no ice cream maker used)


Somebody told me, or may be myself telling myself, that when I get burned out or if something is bothering me or if I am stressed out, I have to pause and take a long deep breath (inhale..... exhale.....)  That's what I did, I paused for a break, and instead of just inhaling and exhaling, I made this delicious mango ice cream without using an ice cream maker.  Great isn't it?

Well, you see, I've been trying to come up with my own basic recipe for vanilla cake, but after two unsuccessful trials, I got really stressed out (No, I don't have a cake shop nor a bakery, I just want to learn how to bake properly).  I know there is nothing wrong with my cake formula, I was actually suspecting that it has something to do with my oven temperature which is fluctuating (I am using a gas oven) and the baking powder I used.   My husband told me to why not just copy a recipe from the internet or from a baking book.  Such a good advice but thanks and no thanks.  I don't want to as much as possible.  How can I learn if I don't try to develop my own cake formula (and bread too) and do some trial baking it if I just have to copy from somebody else right?  A good friend of mine who happens to be an excellent food technologist told me that my unfortunate butter cake may be because of the oven temperature or the uneven distribution of the baking powder or the quality of the baking powderSo there goes, all I need is to monitor the oven temperature and check on the baking powder, oh, and also of the quality of the sugar I am using. By the by, would anyone know where I can buy calumet baking powder and the Hammer brand baking soda here in Qatar?

Anyway, instead of baking another vanilla butter cake, I decided to make ice cream.  You see, it is summer time now in Qatar and the temperature is a scorching 43 degrees celsius by day and a warm 39 degrees celsius at night.  The water from the faucet is hot enough to be used for making coffee.  My husband and I need something to cool us down so Ice cream would be fun.  Besides, it's fruit flavored and I know he'll like it which he did.  I will be making strawberry ice cream next time. 

The thing with this ice cream is that it was not so sweet.  It was actually a bit sour and you can really taste the mango flavor.  However, it was not as smooth as we want it to be.  Some small pecks of ice had developed.  May be I need to really whip it every hour for four hours.  Well, i'll do that next time with my strawberry ice cream.


          (no ice cream maker used)

Ingredients :

Heavy Whipping Cream - 400 ml
Powdered Sugar - 1/3 c or to taste (add 1 tsp at a time)
Ripe Mango, diced - 300 g
Mango Flavoring - 2 tsp

Preparation Procedures :

1. Chill the cream and the diced mangoes for at least 2 hours.
2.  Pour the cream, sugar, and the mango flavoring on a mixing bowl and whisk using an electric mixer until it starts to form soft peaks.
3.  Fold in the diced mangoes and whisk at medium speed until soft peaks are formed
4.  Chill inside the refrigerator for at least 8 hrs.

Serve and enjoy :-)
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