Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Paksiw na Okra

Paksiw na okra is a very famous dish among the Ilocanos.  The Okra is usually cooked in bagoong sauce and vinegar.  Most of may not have encountered this dish at all unless you are an Ilocano but I am sure you are familiar of  paksiw na Isda with okra added to it. The method is cooking is almost similar only that bagoong is used to season this dish.  Sometimes a few slices of pork is also added to make it more tasty.

We have posted my recipe of Paksiw na okra sometime in November last year you can check it out (See Paksiw na Okra sa Bagoong) This recipe is my husband's version.  Try it to taste another Ilocano dish aside from pinakbet :-)


Ingredients :

Okra (Lady finger)
Onions, diced - 1 large
Garlic, crushed and chopped - 5 cloves
Ripe Tomatoes, diced - 1 large
Black Pepper powder
Magi magic sarap

Bagoong (Fermented fish)
Vegetable Oil 

Cooking Procedure :

1. Place oil and garlic in a wok and heat under medium fire.  Stir.
2.  Add onions and tomatoes and stir until the tomatoes soften.  
3.  Add the bagoong , magi magic sarap, black pepper powder, and a small amount of water and bring to a boil.
4. Continue to simmer for 5 minutes then add the okra.  Simmer until the okra slightly soften then add the vinegar.  Continue to simmer until most of the water evaporated


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