Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Grilled Citrus-Marinated tuna

Grilled food is one of my husband's favorite.  That's the reason why I always grill anything, from fish to chicken to veggies.  But grilling can sometimes be boring if you just place the fish or chicken on the griller as plain as simple as it is.  Well, for most chicken, they are usually marinated before they are grilled.  But for fishes, they are always thrown into the flames with just a simple salt on it.

Boring no more, I have a simple solution for that.  Here is a great marinade for your grilled fish.   I used tuna for this but you can use any other fish if you like.

Frederick likes this so much that we always have some fishes marinated with this citrus marinade inside our refrigerator so that any time we crave for something grilled, we just take the fish out from the refrigerator and throw it in our griller .


Ingredients :

Tuna fillet ( 6 to 8 slices) or 2 tuna head with meat
Black Pepper Powder

Marinade :

Garlic, coarsely chopped - 5 cloves

Freshly squeezed Lime Juice from 2 medium fruits or 1/4 c
Soy Sauce - 1/4 c
Worcestershire Sauce - 1/4 c
Black Pepper Powder

Cooking Procedure :

1. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade.  Place the marinade and the tuna in a zip-locked plastic bag or a container with a tight lid and marinade it in the refrigerator over-night or a week or as long as you desire.
2. Remove the tuna and its marinade from the refrigerator at least an hour from cooking.
3.  Sprinkle black pepper poweder on the tuna before grilling.
4.  Grill until the tuna flakes easily

Serve with your favorite blanched, steamed, boiled, or broiled vegetables. 

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