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Chinese Herbal Black Chicken Soup

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I would like to post one recipe that has been posted in Straits times more than a year ago, in April 19, 2012. 

The recipe involves simmering Black Chicken, which is the main ingredients, in some herbal teas.

Health Note :  Panax Ginseng (scientific name for Chinese & Korean ginseng) is used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)  to boost qi and manage diabetes.  It is believed to have a “warming” properties that invigorate the blood and strengthen the lungs and spleen.

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Chinese Herbal Black Chicken Soup
by Mr. Sim Beng Choon, traditional Chinese Medicine Physician at Fu Yang Tang medicine Hall
Article was posted at Mind Your Body / Straits Times (April 19, 2012)


Black Spring Chicken - 1 whole
Korean Ginseng - 15 g.
American Ginseng - 10 g.
Ginger - 2 slices
Spring Onion - 1 stlak
Chinese Rice Wine - 50 ml
Salt to taste
A few drops of sesame oil

Method :

1. clean the chicken by removing the innards and cutting of the claws.  Scald the chicken in a pot of boiling water to remove the blood clots.
2. Remove the chicken and put it in a double broiler, adding the ginseng, ginger, rice wine and salt
3.  Add boiling water to the chicken to fill up 70% of the pot.  Double boil the chicken for an hour or till it becomes soft
4.  Sprinkle sesame oil and spring onions on the chicken before serving


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