Saturday, 2 March 2013

Spanish Style Tilapia

I cooked this weeks ago but I haven't had the chance to post the recipe until now.  I was out of my game lately.  I'm bored.  My brain had been sluggish and lazy to function.  And I've lost my appetite.  I'm having a problem knowing what I want to eat.  Good thing we have stocks of "laban".  Laban is the moniker of yogurt drinks here in qatar.  It is easier to consume it since I just have to gulp it all the way down without chewing unlike the set yogurt. 
my favorite laban brand (photo courtesy of

I have been cooking, of course, since my husband needs to eat something healthy and nutritious but is limited to plain baking or roasting of any fish or chicken.  No experimenting yet.  I've been perfecting my moist dark chocolate cake though and I am now in possession with a great moist dark chocolate cake.  I will still continue to experiment on cakes specially on decorating it.

Anyway, here's my recipe for this deliciously hot  SPANISH STYLE TILAPIA
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Tilapia, sliced into 3 to 4 parts - 1 whole
Corn / soya / sunflower oil - enough to cover the fish
Garlic, chopped - 6 cloves
Black Peppercorns
fish sauce - 3 tbsp
Water - 1/2 c
carrots, diced
Red hot chili pepper - as desired

Cooking Procedure:

1. Place all the ingredients inside a pressure cooker.
2. Cover and cook under medium fire under pressure until the pressure cooker whistles.
3.  Adjust fire to low and cook under pressure for 30 mins starting from the moment the cooker whistles.  Check water level.  Add 1/4 water at a time as needed.  DO NOT STIR.  Do this three times.  The total time you should have pressure-cooked the tilapia should be no less than 1 hr and 30 minutes. 

Remove pressure and serve :-) Check also the recipe of my Spanish Style Bangus

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