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Lauya nga Pato (Boiled Duck Soup)

What I am about to post is a simple yet tasty duck recipe.  I am sure, some or even most of you might find it rustic, or worst, gross, BUT that's the rural way of life in the provinces. Probinsyanos and probinsyanas (that's how Manileno's call people from the provinces) like us Ilocanos, prefer to "kill" fowls for food than to buy the dressed ones.  In this way, we can use every part of the fowl for food.  Nothing will be put to waste except of course for the inedible parts like the feathers and the contents of those intestines :-)

During my stay in Tabuk (that was for more than five months) my brother in-law (Richard) will buy live chickens or ducks and butcher them for our dinner.  For this lauya nga pato for instance, he used  a live duck which he butchered and cooked.  He butchered the duck, collected its blood and it's innards and then set them aside for dinardaraan  or blood stew (recipe to be posted later).  He boiled water, submerge the chicken in boiling water so as to make the feather-plucking and removal of the feet coverings easier.  He removed the feathers by plucking them after which, he exposed the chicken in open flame to get rid of those unplucked small feathers. 

I've been using the word lauya in different dishes.  Lauya actually means boiled in Ilocano.   Lauya is a soup dish where the meat  (from pork to beef to fowls to fishes are used) are boiled for a period of time, at least more than an hour, so as to get the full flavor of the meat used. 



Duck, cut into serving pieces - 1 whole
Ginger, diced and crushed - 2 "
Garlic, crushed - 5 cloves
Onions, diced - 2 medium
Black Peppercorns
Fish Sauce
Salt to taste

1. In a pot, mix the duck meat, ginger, garlic, onions, and peppercorns and simmer under low fire until the oils and juices from the duck meat comes out.
2.  Add water just enough to cover and slow cook the duck meat.  Stire in the fish sauce and slow cook the meat for ate least 2 hours or until they are fork tender
3.  Adjust taste by adding more salt.

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