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Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai (Chicken Spring Roll)

My husband had been  insinuating for a long time that I cook lumpia (spring roll) that every time we see a minced chicken at the frozen section of any supermarket, he will mumble "katnu-ak ngata makaraman ti lumpia (when can I taste lumpia again?)" with matching pleading eyes.   Some times I will put lumpia in my "to-cook" list for the week but I will change my mind and cook something else.  I think I was just not interested cooking one until a few days ago
.  Though we have a stock of minced chicken and beef in the freezer for quite a while and a pack of springroll wrappers, I didn't find the interest to cook lumpia since it is a fried dish and  I've been trying to avoid fried dishes as much as  possible as it upsets my stomach.  Not to mention that I am not quite sure how a chicken lumpia will taste like.

Lumpia / or Spring roll is a fried dish influenced by the Chinese. It's a great appetizer / pick-up food and an entree as well.  Kids will definitely love lumpia specially when they are crunchy.  My nephews and niece loves almost all kinds of lumpia not only because of the taste but because it is crunchy.  They like the crackling sound of the lumpia when they bite on it.  I've experimented on different kinds of lumpia, from those that contains pork, beef, to clams, and for those who cannot eat red meat like I do or for those living in the Middle East who cannot buy pork, we have some vegetable lumpia also.  For more lumpia recipes, click the link for our Lumpia Recipe Collection

My husband loved my chicken lumpia that he asked me to cook this more often.  In fact, he requested that I cook lumpiang togeSo I guess I could say expect me to be posting more lumpia recipes in the future as Frederick requested for more lumpia to come.  That is, if I don't change my mind.


Ingredients :

Chicken, minced - 250 g
Onion, minced - 1 medium
Garlic, minced - 8 cloves
Bell Pepper, minced - 1 small
Carrots, minced- 1 small

Iodized Salt - 1 tsp or to taste
Black Pepper Powder 
Magi Magic Sarap - 
Egg, beaten - 1
Oil for frying
Lumpia / Spring Roll Wrapper

Cooking Procedure :

1. Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl, except for the lumpia wrapper
2.  Using a spoon, place a spoonful of the chicken mixture on the lumpia wrapper.  Wrap then roll.  Repeat until all the chicken mixture had been wrapped and rolled.
3.  Heat oil in a frying pan (the level of oil should be able to submerge at least half of the height of the lumpia.  The oil should also not be smoking hot.4.  Fry the lumpia, flipping it from one side to another, until the wrapper turned brown and crunchy.  
5. Place the fried lumpia on a strainer or on top of napkins to drain the excess oils in it.

Serve with your own choice of dip.  You can make the following dip for this lumpiaCucumber-Vinegar Dip (click this for the recipe) or try this simple one

    Vinegar-Garlic Dip

Sukang Iloko (Ilocano Vinegar) - 1/2 cup  (you can use any cane vinegar or apple cider vinegar
Brown Sugar - 1/2 tsp
a dash of Salt
Garlic, minced - 3 cloves

Combine all the ingredients for the dip.  Serve with the above lumpia or any lumpia at that or any fried food :-)

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