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Hot & Spicy Adobong Atay at Balunbalunan ng Manok

One of the things I am not fond of eating is adobong atay (liver) at balunbalunan (gizzard) ng manok (chicken). Since the gizzard is tasteless and tough and the chicken liver usually is overcooked making the texture to be grainy and taste like a bitter mud.  But since I need to eat liver and I am still afraid to eat cow's liver, thinking that they belong to the red meat category, I have to deal with chicken liver.  

Eating liver is beneficial for those suffering from anemia.  That's why I decided to cook a liver dish.  And what would be the most traditional way to cook it than cooking it adobo style with chicken gizzard and heart.  I made a variation however, since I find the usual adobo recipe to be a little bit boring so I have to create something that adds excitement to it.  And I was successful.  

The result is a flavourful hot & spicy, sour and a little bit sweet adobo dish.  And the gizzard is tender to the bite and the liver is cooked as I wanted it to be - soft and a bit bloody.  I love this dish and my husband love it too.  Frederick even said that this dish is good as a pulutan (appetizer that goes with beer/alcohol)

There's just one thing though, I should have garnished this dish with onions sliced into rings :-(  next tim I will.

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Ingredients :

Chicken Liver - 150 g
Chicken gizzard - 150 g
Chicken Heart - 50 g
Garlic, coarsely chopped - 5 cloves
Hot Chillis, dried and crushed - as desired
Sunflower oil - 2 tsp
Sesame oil - 1 tspWater - 1 c


Tomato catsup - 4 tbsp
Soy Sauce - 3 tbsp

Freshly squeezed lime juice from 2 medium fruits
Hot sauce - 1/2 tbsp

Sugar - 2 tsp or to taste
Garlic powder
black pepper powder

Cooking Procedure:

1. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade.  Marinade the liver, gizzard, and heart in it for at least 2 hours
2. Drain the gizzard and heart.  Leave the marinade sauce and continue to marinade the liver in it
3. Pour the sesame and sunflower oil in a frying pan add the garlic and dried chilis and saute them under medium fire until aromatic.
4.  Stir in the gizzard and the heart for a minute then pour the water and let them simmer for at least 20 minutes under medium fire.
5.   Pour the marinade on the gizzard-heart mixture.  Leave a small amount to marinade the liver.  Bring to a simmer until almost all of the liquids have evaporated.
6.  Drain the chicken liver and toss it in the pan.  Stir and let simmer for a minute then remove from fire.

 Remove the dish from the pan immediately and serve.  Let the dish cool down on a plate.  Garnish it with onions sliced into rings :-) (which I forgot to do)

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