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10 Recipes for the Lenten Season

It's Black Saturday and I realized that just now.  It is the day when Jesus Christ died in the cross.  During Lenten season, my sisters and I will go back to our hometown and spend the holy week there with our parents.  It is one of those restful weeks away from the fast and busy life in Metro Manila.

We usually observe silence and shunning away from meat during Holy Fridays and Black Saturdays.  For some, this non-meat eating way of life even for just 2 days may be tough specially if you have no idea as to what to serve to your family during meal times, specially when you have visitors coming over.

Here are some of our non-meat recipes you may want to cook during this Holy Week :

1. Bangus Sisig - Try a delicious sisig recipe using fish instead of meat. Click the link for the recipe Bangus Sisig.


2. Taro Leaves and Crabs in Coconut Milk - adding crabs to your traditional laing will make a festive dish.  You just have to watch your cholesterol as crabs are known to be high with cholesterol.  Click link for the recipe Taro Leaves and Crabs in Coconut Milk.

3. Seafood Curry Noodles - Try something foreign.  If you love curry in your chicken dishes, you might as well love curry with your shrimp, squids, and clams, and yes have it with noodles.Click link for the recipe Seafood Curry Noodles .

4. Korean Spicy Squid - this Korean dish will give you a satisfying spicy hot savory squid dish. Click link for the recipe Korean Spicy Squid (Ojinguh Bokkeum)

5 Fish Afritada - who says you can't cook afritada during lenten season?  You can!  Click link for the recipe Fish Afritada .

6 Binongor -  Have you heard of the Kalingas of the North?  Well, they are beautiful natives from Kalinga Province (where I came from) and they have wonderful dishes to offer like this hot & spicy snail and vegetable dish.  Click link for the recipe Binongor.


7 Ginataang Langka at Hipon - try this savory dish made of young jackfruit and shrimp simmered in the goodness of coconut milk.   Click link for the recipe Ginataang Langka at Hipon.

8. Binagoongang Tuna - You heard it right.  It is not Binagoongang Baboy but it is equally delicious but a lot healthier.  Click link for the recipe Binagoongang tuna.

9. Salmon-Crabstick FutomakiTired of sushi take-outs?  Satisfy your cravings of sushis with your own home-made futomaki. Click link for the recipe Salmon-Crabstick Futomaki

10. Dinengdeng:  Singkamas, Saluyot, at Labong - ever wondered how Ilocano dinengdeng tastes like?  Try this recipe for a change.  Adding Fried fish enhances the flavor of this dish.  Click link for the recipe Dinengdeng:  Singkamas, Saluyot ken Rabong.  For more dinengeng recipes check our Dinengdeng Recipe Collection  

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