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Chicken Pochero 2 (Chicken & Chickpea Stew)

Our refrigerator is reeling with food due to over-stocking.  No, we are no doomsday preppers (you know what I'm saying if you watch it on national geographic channel) I think we need a bigger fridge with larger freezer hhhmmm (we have a 10 cubic ft and there's just the two of us)  So I need to think fast as to what to cook to utilize some of those meats and fishes to make way for more meats and fishes :-)

This is an update of the chicken pochero recipe I cooked way back in the Philippines (See my Chicken Pochero )  I promised Frederick that I'll learn to cook some Filipino tomato-based stews.  And here is one.  Of all the tomato-based stews I've tried eating so far, pochero is the most appealing to me because of the more balanced different tastes that it gives.  There's the nice blending of sweetness and tanginess which is different from that of the Sweet & Sour dishes as the sweetness of the pochero comes naturally from the use of the saging na saba (plantain) and the sweet potatoes I used.   I'm wondering how this recipe will taste when beef or pork or a combination of pork and chicken is used.  I will try that next time.  Even if I cannot eat the red meat, I'd be satisfied with the sauce and the veggies :-)

Pochero, by the way, is one of those Filipino dishes that finds its roots to the Spanish that has become part of our native cuisines.  The Spanish's Puchero is also a stewpot which literally means meat and chickpea stew.  Pork, beef, chicken or veal are the main ingredients, and the chickpeas, and various vegetables similar to those found in our Filipino pochero.  Our ancestors before consider pochero as a luxury dish that are only served to the elite or are only cooked during special occassions.  Today, this is just one of the common food of Juan that is often found on the dining table provided someone is not-lazy enough to cook :-)



Chicken, cut into serving portions - 300 g.
Plantain (Saging na Saba), cut into 3 t0 4 pcs - 5 medium sizes
Sweet Potato, diced (1" thick) - 1 medium
Cabbage- as desired
Chickpeas, cooked and drained- 1/2 c
Garlic, minced - 7 cloves
Onions, diced - 1 medium
Tomato Paste - 5 tbsp
Fish Sauce - 1 tbsp
Salt and Pepper to taste
Magi Magic Sarap
Water or chicken stock - just enough to cover the meat
Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp

Cooking Procedure:

1. Heat oil in a wok and saute the garlic until it is aromatic.
2.  Add the onion and stir until it wilted then add the chicken. Let it simmer for at least 5 minutes.
3. Toss in the sweet potatoes and stir fry the chicken and the sweet potatoes for at least 5 minutes or until the chicken's juices and oils come out. Do not allow the chicken to brown
4.  Pour the water / or chicken stock just enough to cover the chicken and sweet potatoes.
5.  Add seasoning :  fish sauce, salt, tomato paste, knor chicken cube, and the ground black pepper.  Bring to a boil under medium fire until the sweet potatoes are half-cooked.
6.  Add in the saging na saba and let the stew simmer until the bananas are half cooked.
7.  Throw in the chickpeas and mash a few of the sweet potatoes and adjust taste as needed.
8.  Put in the cabbage and cook the stew again until the cabbage softens.  Remove from fire and serve.

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