Saturday, 8 December 2012


I have a few days left in the Philippines and as I think about it, all the more that I miss the little ones.  Being with them for the past few months made me more eager  to become a mother, most specially to have our own child.  I now know how to change diapers and I am good at it :-) and I don't get squeamish with kids' poop anymore unlike before.  I am proud of my small achievements so far.  I like making treats and cooking food for them so much that watching them devour every morsel of the food delights my heart.  I miss my nephews and niece terribly already (sigh)

Anyway, here's one of the many treats I have made for them - yema. Yema are sweet candies that I often make and sell during my elementary days.  I remember selling it at 25 cents a piece and my profit from making 1 can of condensed milk is P5.  P5 during that time is a big amount that allowed me to buy a few candies and biscuits.  I'm a bit of an entrepreneur when I was a kid :-)  but I lost it during my adult years :-(

This is my version of yema.  I know you have your own version too :-) Here is my recipe.  Sorry if I can't post any picture since we need to figure out what to do first on how to expand the video and photo allocation for our blog.



Condensed Milk  - 2 cans (14 oz each)
Flour - 1/2 cup

Cooking Procedure: 

1.  Toast the flour in a pan over low fire until it turned brown.
2.  Pour condensed milk over the flour and mix well.  There should be no lumps.
3.  Continue stirring the mixture over low fire  until it thickens.
4.  Remove from fire and allow the mixture to cool.
5.  Scoop a teaspoon of the cooled mixture and place it in a colored celophane.  Shape it into pyramid.

Pack and sell :-)

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