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Suman Moriecos

I only have a few days left in the Philippines and I am not finished packing my things yet.  I still have to buy a few things.  I also miss the little rascals (sniff sniff)  I'm leaving in a few days that's why I've been cooking, gathering, and posting recipes of some of Filipino delicacies on the double.

This is another suman variety which is my mother's specialty.   Suman is the general term of those glutinous rice that are wrapped in banana or coconut leaves and are steamed. 

Suman Moriecos is how Mammy calls this suman specialty of hers. When we were still young, that is, before I went to university, Mammy will cook kakanin almost every weekend, and one of those that we look forward to is the suman moriecos.  In those days, making suman or any kakanin specially those using ground glutinous rice and latik / ladek was tedious and laborious.  There were no ready-to-use glutinous rice flour before nor there are cooked latik / ladek sold in our public market.  During those time, Mammy will use the glutinous rice which she soaked in water overnight then have it grind the following day and if the mixture is too wet, she has to wait for like half a day to dry the dough a bit before using it.  Then she also needs to make latik / ladek.  She has to grate the coconut manually, then squeeze it in order to get coconut milk. Then she has to cook the coconut milk in order to produce latik / ladek.  

Ladek or latik in Tagalog, by the way,  are the brown coconut milk curd that is the residue when coconut milk is cooked until all liquids have evaporated leaving only the oil and the latik or ladekLatik or ladek is usually used as garnishing to any kind of glutinous rice cakes.  For the instruction on how to cook latik / ladek, see the recipe under our post on Inkiwar / Malagkit na may latik )

Since cooking kakanin has become easy and convenient now a days (big thanks to technology and entrepreneurship) we requested Mammy to cook suman moriecos and she obliged gladly.

This is Mammy's recipe and she was able to make 20 pcs of   SUMAN MORIECOS


Glutinous Rice flour - 500 g.
White Sugar - 1/2 c
Water - 3 cups
Ladek / latik - 1 cup
Coconut Oil
Banana Leaves

You can add more ladek / latik and sugar if you like.   

1. Wash the banana leaves and cut them into 4 x 6 inch rectangle.  Heat the banana leaves on the fire until it changes in colorDo not burn the leaves.
2. Combine the glutinous rice flour, white sugar, and water  to form a dough.  the dough is a bit wet.

3.  Layout the banana leaves and brush it with coconut oil.

4.  Scoop out a spoonful of the glutinous rice dough, place it on the banana leaves, and form it into a log.

5. Top the dough with ladek.  Roll  the banana leaves around the dough and seal it by folding both ends of the rolled leaves.

6.  Do the same until all the dough are wrapped.

7.  Steam the suman moriecos for at least 30 minutes or until the suman are cooked

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