Saturday, 1 December 2012

Palitaw sa Latik

I have this preconceived notion about palitaw - that soft and white glutinous rice oval cake that is rolled in shredded coconut and sugar.  That's what came to my mind when Sankong Elmer and his wife announced that they were going to make palitaw.  Then as I let them describe to me what they are going to make, I pictured the inandila of the Kalinga and the steamed rice dumpling in sweet latik syrup only to find out a different kind of kakanin.

Palitaw sa latik, that's what they call this kakanin.  It is made out of the white oval thingy, called the palitaw, and the sweetened latik - coconut milk sauce.  Palitaw is the moniker of the white oval thing that is made of ground glutinous rice that floats in boiling water/liquid when it is cooked.

This is the recipe of our cousin (Sankong Elmer) and his wife.  This is our merrienda during our family reunion last undas.  I am planning to make my own version for my husband when I get to Qatar.  And speaking of which, I haven't done packing yet as I am not a good packer :-( I miss my husband who does the packing of our stuff when we go for travels.



Glutinous Rice flour - 2.5 kg
Water - 2 L
Brown Sugar - 1 kg
Latik / ladek from 6 coconuts
Glutinous rice flour - 4 tbsp (to thicken the sauce) 

For the instruction on how to cook latik / ladek, please see the recipe at how to make latik / ladek under our post on Inkiwar / Malagkit na may latik )

Cooking Procedure:

1.  Mix the glutinous flour and water.  The amount of water depends on how much is needed to come up with a smooth dough texture.  So pour the water a little bit at a time until you get a smooth, not dry nor water, dough texture.

2.  Get a piece of the dough. Roll it into a ball, flatten it, and shape it into a tongue-like figure

3.  Pour water in a large silyasi.  Stir in the latik and bring the mixture to a boil.

4.  Put-in the flattened glutinous rice dough.  The dough will float when they are cooked so just let them float.

5.  Pour the brown sugar and a handful of glutinous rice flour on the mixture and stir. Let it boil for another 5 minutes.

6. Remove from fire and serve.  Add more sugar if you want your palitaw sa latik sweeter :-)

Large silyasi is a redundant i think :-(  silyasi by the way is a large, wide mouth, frying pan :-)

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    1. thanks pinkcookies. I do love kakanin too :-)

  2. manang thank you for posting, miss ko na to, if u have time can you post also the recipe for glutinous rice flour bibingka with shredded young coconut.. i tried so many times but failed.. I am from Pangasinan, i didn't learned to cook this bec at that time my inang baket and all my Apongs take care of the cooking and now they're all gone, thanks .. Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi thanks for visiting our blog. I'll try to ask my mom to cook one.

  3. I really love palitaw. One of the best kakanin in the Philippines.