Friday, 7 December 2012

Ginataang Bayabas

Mammy cooked ginataang bayabas for merrienda and it brought back fun memories of our Lola Paring (Mammy's mother). When we are kids, we have a few guava trees around our yard and during summer time when they are in season, our Lola Paring will make ginataang bayabas almost everyday for our merrienda.  It may sound simple and rustic but during those times it was such a very delicious snack. We also even eat it for dinner :-) we simply add rice to it.

I still cannot post the pictures since we haven't upgraded our blog but that will come soon.  So for now, please bear with us :-)



Ripe Guavas
Coconut milk from 1 coconut use the first and second squeeze only (around 2 to 3 cups)
Brown Sugar - 1/2 cup or to taste
A dash of salt

check our post on how to make coconut milk here.
Cooking Procedure:

1. Boil the ripe guavas until they are soft.  Drain it but set aside at least a cup or two of the broth.  Remove the seeds from the guavas
2.  Mix 2 cups of the guava water with the coconut milk, add sugar, and the salt.  Bring to a boil under medium fire.
3.  Add the guavas and simmer for 5 minutes.

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