Friday, 16 November 2012

Tinolang Ulo ng Isdang Imelda

It is almost 2AM and I can't sleep so I decided to get up and post this entry.  I am leaving in a few weeks and I am excited to be with my husband and a bit anxious  as well as I am going to start my career all over again.  In a relationship someone really has to give-in and sacrifice.  My husband did that when he joined me in Singapore and now I am returning the favor.  My strong desire for now is for us to be settled in one place that we both could grow together and individuallySome couples have gone through the same and I believe most of them had overcome any challenges that they met along the way.  We will do the same :-)
So what was for dinner? Imelda fish head :-)
Fish head is one of the yummiest part of big fishes.  The head of the Imelda fish for one is fatty and tastyImelda is what we call the big head carp fishes.  My parents usually cook fish heads as soup dishes one of their favorite recipe is sinigang or sour soup.

Good thing that my brother-in-law Richard took charge of last night's supper, otherwise, we could have had sinigang again.  He cooked it differently.  He made a soup dish just the same but did not put any souring agent.  And because of the ingredients he used, I decided to name it as tinola or ginger soup.  The photo of the fish head tinola above may not seem appealing visually but our tummies would say otherwise.  

Like sinigang, regardless if it's fish or pork, this is one of those soup dishes that my nephews and niece find delightful.  Each of them has their own separate bowl filled with this dish' soup.   They slurp the soup all the way down up to the last drop and finish their plate full of the fish and rice up to the last morsel :-)



Imelda Fish Head , cut into desired sizes- 2 heads
Ginger, diced and crushed - 2 thumbsize
Onions, diced - 2 medium 
Ripe Tomatoes, diced - 2 medium
Fish Sauce - 1 tbsp
Salt and pepper to taste
Magi Magic Sarap - 1 tsp
Pechay - 1 bundle
Water enough to cover the fish slices
Vegetable oil

Cooking Procedure:

1. Place the  fish in a pot and let it simmer in its own juice, under low fire, until the liquids evaporate  and the fish is almost dry.
2. Pour in the water, ginger, onions,  tomatoes, and the seasonings and let it simmer until the fish slices are fully cooked.
3.  Add the pechay, simmer for a few seconds then remove from fire.


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