Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pinakbet with Chicken and Hotdog

Pappy is one of those people who cannot eat his meals without meat or fish in his viand.  He doesn't find vegetable dishes edible without meat nor fish.  Not even if it is with mussels.  That's why, whenever Mammy wants to just eat plain vegetables, she needs to cook 2 viands, one would contain vegetables only and the other will either consist of fish, chicken, or pork.

Being a carnivorous eater, the thing when he cooks is that Pappy uses as many kind of meat as he deems necessary just for a single dish even if they seem to turn out tasting ridiculously as others will find it inappropriate and "unblendable".  Hotdog in a pinakbet? That's absurd for some Ilocanos. And why put pork when there's chicken in it already?  Mammy doesn't want Pappy toying around the kitchen because he always ends up using most of the spices and meats/fishes he can find.  He puts them all in one pot, and cook them as if there is no next meal.  But that's how Pappy cook.  He experiment beyond the unthinkable and most of the time his experimental dishes turn out palatable.  And for this dish? It was delicious - savory.

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Chicken, cut into serving portions - 300 g.
Pork Belly, sliced into strips - 100 g.
Hotdog, diced - at least 5 pieces
Taro, diced
Bitter Gourd
Long Beans
Bagoong Sauce - as desired
Ripe tomatoes, diced - 2 medium

Ground Black Pepper
Garlic, crushed
Onions, diced
Vegetable oil 
Water - 2 cups

Cooking Procedure;

1. Heat oil in a wok then pan fry the pork until it turns almost brow.  Sauté the garlic, then the ginger, tomatoes, and onions.   Add the water and bagoong sauce simmer the pork until it is almost tender.
2.  Add in the chicken and the hotdog.  Simmer for a minute then add the taro.  Simmer for 5 minutes or until the chicken is almost done.
3.  Add the rest of the ingredients.  Simmer the pinakbet under medium fire until the vegetables are cooked and most of the liquids have eveporated.

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