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Pancit Cabagan

This is my take on the famous Pancit Cabagan noodle dish. You might be wondering what is with this dish that is worth posting.   First,  it is delicious.  Second, it is famous not only in Isabela but also in Cagayan and in our province of Kalinga.  Third, hhhmmm, it's delicious (smiling with halo on my head)

Pancit Cabagan refers to either the noodle itself or the noodle dish.  The noodle and the noodle dish originated from Cabagan, a town in Isabela.  That explains the noodle and the dish's moniker - Pancit Cabagan.

In the province of Cagayan and Isabela, and also in nearby towns like in mine, there are two famous noodle dishes - the Pancit Batil Patong and Pancit Cabagan.  They are similar in many way, like they both use either cara-beef, beef or pork as ingredients, some also uses chicken.  Vegetables used are also similar, like the cabbage, french beans, carrots, bell pepper, etc.  Both noodle dishes also comes with variety of toppings like chopped lechon kawali or chicharon.

But there are lots of differences specially in the ways they are cooked.  The first uses fresh or dried miki (local egg noodle ) that is cooked dry and always served with a dark soup and a sunny-side-up or poached egg on top of the noodle dish.  Check the recipes of pancit batil patong here.   

The pancit Cabagan noodle dish on the other hand uses pancit Cabagan noodles and is  cooked with a thick sauce .  And in most panciteria (noodle houses) in Isabela,  the noodle is served with boiled quail eggs.  As to the noodles being used, one can use any type of noodle to cook either of this dish.  Since I like pancit Cabagan noodles better than the usual miki found in our town, I also use it to cook pancit batil patong.  Miki or any other type of egg noodles like canton, etc. can be used for pancit Cabagan

Which one do I prefer?  Depends on my mood and on the satiety of my palate :-) there are times I want something dry and other times something saucy :-)  For the pancit Cabagan I cooked,  boiled quail eggs  are missing in the recipe since I forgot to buy.

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Pancit Cabagan, fresh - 1 kg
Pork Belly - 400 to 500 g.
French beans, sliced into strips
Carrots, sliced into strips
Chinese Cabbage, diced
Garlic,  crushed and chopped - 10 cloves
Onions, diced - 2 medium
Black Pepper, ground
Water - 1/2 c
Vegetable oil - 3 tbsp
Salt - a dash


Soy Sauce (silver swan) - 15 tbsp
Magi magic Sarap - 2 tbsp
Fish Sauce - 2 tbsp
Brown Sugar - 2 tsp
Pork Broth or Water - 4 to 5 cups
Knorr Pork cube - 1 pc
cornstarch - 4 tbsp
Water - 4 tbsp

Cooking Procedure:

1. Heat oil in a wok then fry the pork fat until they turned almost brown.  Sauté the garlic and onions in the same wok, then add the rest of the sliced pork belly.  Pour water in it and bring into a boil until the liquid evaporates and the pork fries in its own oil.
2. Blanch the pancit Cabagan.  Drain the noodles.
3. Toss in all the vegetables and the noodles in the wok and stir fry them for a few minutes.  Season with a dash of salt and black pepper. 
4.  In a sauce pan, mix all the ingredients for the sauce and bring to a boil under medium fire until the sauce thickens.  Remove from fire.
5. Mix the thick sauce with the noodle and vegetables

Please share with us your version of this dish if you have :-)

© Fresha-licious (06October2012)

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