Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Paksiw na Lechong Manok sa Mang Tomas Sarsa

One source of income of some families here in our town are home-made cooked food.  Some are selling viands (cooked meat, vegetables, or fish and packed in a clear plastic bag) peddling them to offices, or to houses, or for some who has extra space in their yard, they set up a few tables and chairs so passersby or even their neighbors who forgot to cook or are lazy to cook can stop by to dine.

Mammy knew of several food peddlers.  She usually gets from them, or if I can put it correctly and blatantly, these food peddlers usually force her to buy from them, ready-to-eat and preserved foods like embutido, longganisa, tocino, morcon, lechon, etc., name it.  One of them dropped-off two  whole lechong manok the other day.  I learned that Mammy ordered just 1 and I didn't even bother to check with her, so that's hell of a lesson learned.  Where would our manners be if we return the other, and besides, Mammy doesn't know where she lives.  So I decided to turn the other one into lechong paksiw.  Lechong manok , that's Filipinos call roasted chicken.  The chicken was stuffed with leaves which I cannot make out.  I thought they were onion leaves or lime leaves, but the taste did not confirm it :-(  Nonetheless, the lechong manok was pretty tasty.  It was roasted (I'm not sure if she used an oven or a turbo broiler) wrapped in an aluminum foil that may be the reason why the meat was moist.  

I added sarsa, Mang Tomas sarsa to be specific.  Sarsa is basically a lechon sauce and is made of liver as the main ingredients and some others.  I need to try my hands on making sarsa.   I like Mang Tomas sarsa, as a dip for any fried or even steamed and grilled meat and fish, and I love to use it in cooking (check our other recipes using Mang Tomas sarsa here.)

Do you know that my nephews and niece loved it so much?  They really did, that they had it for three consecutive meals and when the dish is all finished we had a difficult time stopping them from wailing.  Not even a chocolate drink or coke can pacify them (sigh)

Oh before it slips my mind, I weighed in last Monday when I consulted a doctor (a GP).  The nurse got my weight and height, and I am happy to announce that I lost almost 8 kg - I'm 52 kg!!!.  The last time I weighed when we were still in Singapore a couple of days before my husband and I left the said country for good,  I weighed almost 60kg :-(  The secret?  Let me share to you

1. No eating of red meat and no eating of fatty foods, but I still eat oily and fried foods once in a while.
2. Less intake of sugary food.  But if you can't help it, at least you should be conscious as to the amount of sugar you take per day.  And if I need to use sugar, I go for splenda, equal, or brown sugar only.  AND, No processed white sugar.
3. Less intake of simple white carbohydrates.  I only go for the complex once.  Wholegrain red rice or brown rice only.  If there is non available, I eat only 2 spoonful of white rice and lots of vegetables or just the root crops if our viand consist of such.  For root crops, I choose sweet potatoes, yam, taro, and other high-fiber root crops over white rice and potatoes.  
4.  I eat three or even 4 times a day but I eat it small portions only. 
5.  I drink kalamansi juice from 8 to 10 fruits in the morning upon rising or any time of the day as long as it is 4 hours after my last food intake and/or 1 hr before.  That's the only fruit I take.  If I eat bananas or any sugary food, I do not eat any other carbohydrates anymore.
6.  Oh, I'm more into eating vegetables, fish, and chicken, oily or not :-) AND,  I indulge myself with chips and sweets at least thrice or more than that a week :-)



Lechong Manok, cut into serving portions - 1 whole
Garlic, crushed - 7 cloves
Red Onions, diced - 1 large
Cane Vinegar - 1/3 c
Water - 1 c
Soy Sauce - 1/8 c
Brown Sugar - 1/4 c
Mang Tomas Sarsa - 1 1/2 c 

Salt to taste

Cooking Procedure:

  1. Dump all the ingredients in a pot.  I used a non-stick pot.  Then let it simmer until half of the liquids have evaporated.  Stir occassionally.
Serve over steamed rice or like me, over a wholegrain red rice.  With a handful of blanched pechay, makes the meal perfect


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  1. This is unique! Two family favorites in one dish, this is definitely a winner :)

  2. Love the recipe I use it all the time but i add 2 teaspoon of bagoong spicy barrio fiesta and it spices it up a bit.. From Canada here we always eat this!! :-) Salamat Po!

    1. that was a nice idea kabayan. We love to try that too. salamat din po sa idea :-) regards from the deserts of Qatar